Jun 27-28 2011

SDA Strategist Meeting - Jun 27-28 2011
Valentine's Niobrara Lodge Meeting Room (past lobby desk, turn left down hallway; meeting room is on right side about halfway down hall)

Meeting Objectives:
  • 1 select a new book for our professional reading and make arrangements to acquire it
  • 2 reexamine and document our roles and responsibilities as strategists
  • 3 affirm SDA and strategist meeting and workshop dates, times, and locations
  • 4 frame this year's training sessions
  • 5 become informed on the latest developments from NDE, ESUCC/ESUPDO, and ESULC and identify the implications for our work
  • 6 review the SDA Bylaws and prepare new or revise Amendments for consideration by the membership
  • 7 create a draft agenda for the Sep 13 SDA Business Meeting
  • 8 bond as a leadership team

Mon Jun 27

  • A Arrival & Hotel Check-in
  • B 2pm - Welcome Kate, Matt, Deb
    Skype: Kate, Julie
  • C Overview the 2-day Agenda; Changes/Additions
  • D Book Study Finish Disrupting Class
    Facilitated Conversation over Chapters 7-8 - Toby
Chapter 7 Improving Educational Research
Consider the following quote from Meridith I. Honig found on page 172:
"...some education research is targeting to helping educators and administrators take predictably successful actions that are appropriate for their situation. But most are not. If one looks at the state of education research optimistically, she says, we see that some policies get implemented are are 'successful some of the places some of the time... ' The essential implementation question then becomes not simply what's implementable and what works, but what is implementatble and what works for whom, where, when, and why?"
Nodding to the fact that ESU staff members seek to base their work on current research and literature; what are the implications of this idea for you?

Chapter 8 Forging a Consensus for Change
On pages 192-194 the authors contend that there are only three possibilities to changing schools:
Common Language: schools determining the root causes and agreeing on the problems.
Power: Leaders need to amass and wield power such as replacing teachers, or turning the school over to a mayor that can hire a superintendent that shares their vision.
Separation: Setting up new schools with teachers, parents, and administrators who have stronger agreement on what they want - such as charter schools.
To what extent do you agree with each of these assertions? What other choices have worked? What other choices could work?

  • G Minutes
    May Strategist
    May SDA Business Meeting
    myElearning vs. Google docs
  • H 2011-2012 SDA Calendar
    review/verify details (time, location)
    set Summer 2012 Planning Meeting
    determine Opening/Closing Activities (topic/protocol-based, assign)
  • I NDE Update - Freida
    Administrator Days Pre-Session, Tue Aug 2, 5-7pm, at ESU #10
    Rule 84
    ESA AdvancED
    Content Cadres?
    CIP Planning Workshops
    CIP Work Session, Tue Aug 2, 1-4pm at ESU #10
    Calendar Coordination/Strategist Duty (Google?)
    Connection with NDE Staff Development
    C4Learning (Pat R)
    Teacher and Principal Standards (Donlynn R) - Sep SDA Business Meeting Focus?
    P4Learning (not to be confused with C4Learning)
    Standards Instructional Tool (Donlynn R)
    What are the big rocks?
  • J ESU/Nebraska Update - Matt
    Virtual High School
    SDA/NCSA partnership (dues)
  • K PD Update - Toby
    Marzano Conference
  • L SDA Bylaws
    Review/Revise Strategist Duties
    Calendar Coordination?
    Membership List - Electronic Mailing List (update)
    Amendment Proposals
    Strategist Selection Process Review
    Ensuing Proposed Changes to Bylaws (as a result)
    Communicate to Membership 2 wks prior to Sep
  • M Break circa 5pm
  • N Working Dinner circa 6pm
    LC/ESUPDO Update - Debbie and Julie
    Student and Teacher Engagement
  • O Mentoring
    ESU #13 Kathryne Vandamme kvandamme@esu13.org
  • End by 8pm

Tue Jun 28

  • P 6am 'Sunup Saunter' on the Cowboy Trail fer the Early Risers (approx. 2.5 mi, across the Niobrara River walking bridge)
  • Breakfast
  • Q 8:30am Unfinished Business from yesterday
  • R SDA Training for Oct 5 (confirm logistics)
    Online Professional Development Delivery
    Location - Time
  • S SDA Follow-up Training for Apr 25
    Location - Time
  • T Other Training?
    Feedback from May SDA Business Meeting Brainstorming Session
  • U Break
  • V Sep 13 SDA Business Meeting Agenda
    Purpose/Vision Opening Activity: Mission/Purpose Statement Protocol: Keep/Add/Delete feedback session: volunteer committee of 3-4Goals
    Need for a Vision/Direction Statement?
    Courtesy Fund
    NDE Updates - Who
    Teacher and Principal Standards
    New Members
    Curriculum Director Invite
    Crisis Team Training Coordination (part of Calendar Coordination)
  • W Closing Video: Everest (14m)
  • X Next Strategist Meeting
    Tue Sep 13 9am - 1pm
    Norfolk NECC LLC
    Arrangements for Lunch
    SDA Business Meeting to follow at 1pm
  • Y Adjourn
  • Z Wrap-Up Lunch

Sep 13 2011

SDA Strategist Meeting - Sep 13 2011
NECC LLC Norfolk, 9am-1pm (lunch)

Prior to Meeting:

Meeting Objectives:
  • SDA Mission/Vision
  • Oct 5 EdCamp Format, Content
  • Finalize Agenda for SDA Business Meeting

  • Book Study: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard 9am
  • Announcements 9:30am
    • Meeting Notes link added to navigation menu
    • Polycom/DL for upcoming SDA Business Meetings? (Deb H)
    • SDA Update Emails (Jeff)
    • SDA wiki (Toby)
    • Nebraska MAP Discussion (Amy)
    • Upcoming Events
  • Reports 9:45am
    • Aug 2 SIP Workshop Planning Session, Current Status (Freida)
    • Aug 23 LC Meeting (Debbie)
    • Sep 6 NDE C4L Training (Debbie)
    • Sep 9 NDE Super Day Presentation (Toby)
  • Initiatives 10am
    • Membership List/Directory (Toby, Denise)
    • SDA Mission and Vision (Debbie)
    • LC topics request for November (Debbie)
    • Mentoring (Kate)
    • Bylaws Review (Denise)
    • SDA Wiki (Toby)

Wed Sep 14 9-3 Commissioner Breed, Jef Johnston and the Avenue Scholars
Thu Sep 15 9-3 Kevin Honeycutt

Next SDA Business Meeting Mon Nov 14 - ESU #3 LaVista - 1-4pm click here to register

November SDA Business Meeting Action Item
Goals (Jeff) (after ESUCC has identified Goals)
  • Goals! video
  • Goals discussion/proposal of process
  • Membership table time, consensus

Oct 5 2011 Training

SDA Online PD EdCamp - Oct 5 2011
ESU #10 Kearney, 8:30am-4pm

Nov 14 2011

SDA Strategist Meeting - Nov 14 2011
ESU #3 LaVista, 9am-1pm (lunch)
Register or check your registration HERE!

Meeting Objectives:
Prior to Meeting:
  • Read Switch Chapters 2-3
  • Be Thinking . . . at today's SDA Business Meeting we will be addressing the topic of SDA Goals. Organizational alignment would suggest that SDA Goals are based on ESUCC goals. What implications does this have for our Needs Assessment? What about a formal Action Plan? Does this conjure up other thoughts? Come prepared to discuss.

Meeting Objectives:
  • SDA Goals - Purpose - Direction
  • Finalize Agenda for SDA Business Meeting

Strategist Agenda
  • Book Study: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard 9am
    • Find the Bright Spots (and) Script the Critical Moves (Debbie)
    • Implications for SDA
  • Announcements 9:30am
  • Reflections 9:45am
  • Initiatives 10am
    • SDA Goals, Vision & Direction
    • Finalize SDA Business Meeting Agenda

SDA Business Meeting
  • Call to Order & Welcome 1pm
  • Pat Roschewski - Assessment (see NDE Update)
  • Announcements
    • Introductions:
      • New Members
      • Susan Johnston - Westside, representing NACIA Nebraska Administrators of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
      • Mike Dulaney & Dan Ernst from NCSA
      • NDE Guests
      • Others
    • Mission/Norms
    • Changes/Additions to the Agenda
    • Minutes from Sep 13 2011 SDA Business Meeting
    • Begin with the End in Mind
      • This was a productive meeting and worth my time. (SA A D SD)
      • What went well? What engaged you?
      • What lingering questions do you have regarding updates and/or actions taken?
      • How could your needs have been better met today?
  • Opening Activity Goal Share 1:20pm
    • All members/attendees share at your table one current personal or professional goal
  • Delegations 1:30pm
    • Crisis Team Training (Dave Perkins, Denise O'Brien, Deb Paulman, Amy Schultz)
    • Strategist Report (Denise O'Brien)
    • Leadership Committee Report (Debbie Schraeder)
    • ESUCC Strategy Session - Goals (Debbie Schraeder & Toby Boss)
      • We will fully develop our ESU system 24/7 technology learning infrastructure to meet the present and emerging needs of Nebraska’s schools.
      • We will increase and improve our collaboration/working relationship with key stakeholders.
      • We will improve our accountability and communication with and to each other and key stakeholders in the state.
      • Improve our ESUCC processes.
  • Action Item Direction 1:45pm
    • Membership brainstorming session: making SDA connections/extensions
      • Our Structure
      • Buckets: Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Continuous Improvement, Leadership
  • Statewide Grant Activity Updates 2:15pm
    • NMPDS (JaLena Slack/Carol Jessen)
      • Elementary Math Academy
        • Deb Romanek, NDE, presented "Family Math" at all Day 4 sessions in October. She was very well-received. Deb distributed the "Family Math" book, vocabulary strategies, and various other useful math materials to all participants.
        • Day 5 sessions are being held this month at the four sites. This will complete the 2011 Elementary Math Academy.
      • Middle/High School Project
        • The TLM training and September kick-off went smoothly. New participants, as well as "seasoned" participants, enjoyed the day.
        • 123 participants and staff from NMPDS were in attendance at the NATM (Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics) Fall Conference in Kearney. This was held the Monday after the Middle/High School Project Kick-off in September.
        • Session 2 sessions were held in October and Session 3 sessions will be held this month the week before and after Thanksgiving.
      • Miscellaneous
        • Thank you to all of the Project Staff and the Nebraska Math Cadre for your continued support to this phenomenal program. Your dedication of time and effort does not go unnoticed.
        • NMPDS can now be found on Facebook!
        • The NMPDS Overview pdf is available for Math Cadre members as a FAQ sheet. Please feel free to distribute to those who are interested.
    • KICKS2(Deb Paulman)
      • Currently doing preliminary planning
        • identifying locations and dates for summer 2012 Kicks2 institutes
        • hope to have settled out by end of November so can start recruiting in Dec
      • Would like to be able to visit each of the ESU’s again this year during supt. And principals mtgs, science teachers mtgs, any event that you have on your calendar that it would make sense for us to talk to.
      • Intro Jim Houston
      • CSI/UNL and Kicks2 collaboration
      • KICKS2 2011-2012 Participants

  • NCSA Update 2:30pm
  • Break 2:45pm
  • Action Item Bylaws Proposals 2:55pm
    • Mission and Purpose Bylaws Proposals (Suzanne Whisler, Susan Evans)
    • Article I, Sections 2 and 3
    • Appendices A, F, G
  • NDE Update
    • Pat Roschewski - Assessment
      • Check 4 Learning
      • State Accountability Discussion
      • Q&A
    • Marilyn Peterson - Data, Research, and Evaluation
      • Grant information regarding NE Data Collection and the connections with the ESUs
      • Introduce Sameano Porchea (replacing Marilyn in December in the area of data)
    • Donlynn Rice - Curriculum
      • Educator Framework (formerly Educator Standards, now accepted by the State Board of Education)
      • Social Studies Standards revision
    • Freida Lange - Accreditation
      • ASSIST (SIP modules for AdvancED schools)
      • CIP Workshop Report and Thank You
  • Additions to the Agenda
  • Debrief (Begin with the End in Mind)
  • Adjournment 4pm

January PDO Dates Tue-Wed Jan 10-11 - ESU #10 Kearney - 8:30-3pm click to find out more information and to register
Next SDA Business Meeting and Annual Needs Assessment Thu Jan 12 - ESU #10 Kearney - 8:30-3pm click to register

Dec 15 2011

SDA Strategist Meeting - Dec 15 2011
CCC Board Room Grand Island, 9am-3pm
Register or check your registration HERE

Meeting Objectives:
  • needs assessment design for January 12
  • training
    • April 25 at ESU #3 LaVista
    • 2012-2013 and beyond (framework)

  • year-end celebration (in Kearney)

  • Book Study: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard 9am
    • Point to the Destination (and) Find the Feeling (Julie)
    • Implications for SDA
  • Announcements 9:30am
    • Agenda Review for additions, changes, change of order
    • Upcoming Events
      • Jan 10-11 PDO Meeting/Training at ESU #10 Kearney click to register
      • Jan 11 Strategist Meeting at ESU #10 Kearney 4-7pm click to register (Debbie proposal) meal count needed unless time changes
      • Jan 12 SDA Business Meeting/Needs Assessment at ESU #10 Kearney 8:30am-3pm click to register
      • Mar 13 Strategist Meeting at CCC Grand Island (discuss need/Amy--summer planning meeting)
  • Reflections 9:35am
    • Nov 14 SDA Business Meeting
      • debrief
      • follow-up on lingering questions [1]
      • implications for future meetings
      • continue/modify debrief process for regular meetings
    • Content Cadres, including funding for "hospitality" at meetings (Debbie)
    • NCSA Session: Teacher and Principal Performance Framework (Toby)
  • Initiatives 9:50am
  • Guest - Dan Henderson, NWEA 10am
  • Break
  • ESUCC Update - Matt Blomstedt 11am
    • registration fee
  • Working Lunch
  • Actions 12:15pm
    • Needs Assessment - Constructing Design
      • Immediate
        • bucket list summary
        • embed as Action at Jan 12 SDA Business Meeting rather than a separate event
        • implications for Apr 25?
      • Long-term
        • developing a 2- or 3-year PD training schedule around buckets
        • conduct training planning/scheduling as part of the SDA Business Meeting or strategists following meeting?
    • April 25 Technology Training
      • review feedback from Oct 5 training
      • determine format:
        • EdCamp (similar to Oct 5)
        • Professional Training Session (full-, half-day)
        • Work Time (extension of training, statewide wiki resource)
        • connection to NETA
        • Travis Allen; might be one possibility (he has a "team" of folks/kids); he was just featured in Forbes

    • Statewide Wiki for Resources, Trainings, etc. conversation
    • May Celebration
      • retirements/other/SDA 'night'
      • Current May Schedule:
        • Tue May 1: 9-3:30 PDO, 4-7 LC Meeting
        • Wed May 2: 9-3:30 PDO, 12pm PDO Meeting #2, 4-7 Strategist Meeting
        • Thu May 3: 8:30-1 SDA Meeting
      • [delegation] make arrangements for Celebration

  • Miscellaneous
  • Adjournment 3pm

SDA Business Meeting Agenda
Jan 12 2011 8:30am-3:30pm
ESU #10 Kearney

SDA Business Meeting
  • Call to Order & Welcome
  • Opening Announcements
    • Introductions
    • Mission/Norms
    • Agenda Review
    • Minutes from Nov 14 2011 SDA Business Meeting
    • Begin with the End in Mind - these questions were asked as a culminating activity at the end of the meeting:
      • This was a productive meeting and worth my time. (SA A D SD)
      • What went well? What engaged you?
      • What lingering questions do you have regarding updates and/or actions taken?
      • How could your needs have been better met today?
  • Opening Activity
  • Delegations
    • Strategist Report (Amy Hill)
    • Leadership Committee Report (Debbie Schraeder)
  • Action Item
  • Statewide Grant AcLtivity Updates
    • NMPDS (JaLena Slack/Carol Jessen)
    • KICKS2 (Deb Paulman)
  • Break
  • Action Item
  • NDE Update
  • Closing Announcements
  • Closing Activity
  • Debrief - the group provide feedback via an online survey.
  • Adjournment
Needs Assessment

Next SDA Business Meeting and annual Needs Assessment Thu May 3 - ESU #10 Kearney - 8:30am-1pm click to register

  1. ^Lingering Questions
                                  • I would like to know more about the State Accountability system, however that information may not yet be available.
                                  • Will NDE be working on a model for teacher evaulations?
                                  • What are my bucket needs? How will the ESU trainings match the priorities identified by our unit accreditation?
                                  • How is NePAS related to DRS or is it? it??
                                  • C4L training from NDE
                                  • ASSIST modules

Jan 10 2011

SDA Strategist Meeting - Jan 10 2012
ESU #10 Kearney, Noon lunch meeting
Register or check your registration

Prior to Meeting:
  • Read Switch Chapters 6-7
  • Review April 25 Training proposal (click link below)
  • Review SDA Business Meeting and Needs Assessment agenda. Although advertised as noon-5pm, hopefully the meeting can be adjourned by 3:30 in order for the Science Cadre to meet (which was scheduled for 3:30 prior to the schedule change). Also, please note the Action Item between the Break and the NDE Update. This is where I would like Toby to communicate the vision for the 2-year SDA PD schedule.
  • When do you want to meet in May during PDO week?

Strategist Agenda
  • Book Study: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard noon lunch
    • Shrink the Change (and) Grow Your People (Denise)
    • Implications for SDA

Upcoming Events
>SDA/Strategist >PDO >LC
FEB - MAR - APR 2012
  • Thu Feb 23 LC Pre-Budget Meeting ESU #7 Columbus 10-3pm register now
  • Tue Mar 13 Strategist Meeting CCC Grand Island 9-3pm register now
  • Tue Mar 20 LC Budget Meeting ESU #3 LaVista 10-3pm register now
  • Wed Apr 25 SDA Training ESU #3 LaVista 9-3pm click to view
MAY 2012
  • Tue May 1 PDO Event Day 1 ESU #10 Kearney 9-3:30 register now
  • Wed May 2 PDO Event Day 2 ESU #10 Kearney 9-3:30 including PDO meeting at noon
    • LC Presentation to Administrators (TBA)
    • Strategist Meeting
      • 3:30-5:30pm (immediately following PDO and preceding SDA Celebration Night!) or noon on May 1 or early on May 3
    • SDA Celebration Night! TBA
  • Thu May 3 SDA Business Meeting 8:30-11:30 am register now

Mar 13 2011

SDA Strategist Meeting - Mar 13 2012
CCC Board Room Grand Island, 9am-3pm
Register or check your registration HERE

Prior to Meeting:
  • Read Switch, chapters 8-9
  • Review the strategist duties as outlined in the Bylaws. Do they match what happened this year? What changes would you recommend? Come with ideas. We will draft a proposal that will be shared for consideration at the May 3 SDA Business Meeting.

Meeting Objectives:
  • Needs Assessment analysis
  • Immediate (2012-2013) and Long-range professional development structure
  • Budget Proposal
  • May SDA Business Meeting Agenda
  • Strategist Duties

  • Book Study: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard 9am
    • Tweak the Environment (and) Build the Habits (Kate)
    • Implications for SDA

  • Needs Assessment: Review - Planning - Budgeting 10:00am
    • Review 1: What do we see as the expected outcome of Buckets? What is our Vision?
      • Bucket Teamconversations that have transpired
      • Conference Concept (Toby)
      • Do we need a Data bucket?
      • Determine focus to be achieved by/at May 3 SDA Business Meeting.
    • Review 2: Member Feedback from Jan 11 SDA Business Meeting
      • Strategists split into 2 teams
      • Review the responses from the first 2 questions (team 1:yellow, team 2:blue)
        • Identify the priorities to be accomplished in 2012-2013
        • Identify training format (e.g., 2+1 day [or variation], 1 day, 1/2-day, embedded in SDA Business Meeting)
        • Identify the areas for long-range consideration
        • Log notes here
      • Each team report
      • Identify specific dates for 2012-2013 trainings to occur
    • Review 3: External Considerations - identify the role these factors play in our planning
    • Review 4: Matt Blomstedt
    • Planning 1: 2012-2013 Priorities
      • Develop our path for 2012-2013
      • consultant, resources, schedule, location
    • Budget: 2012-2013 Priorities
    • Planning 2: Long-Range PD Plan (through 2014-2015)
      • Dartboard - taking aim at our targets
      • how to move all buckets forward?
    • Review 5: Consider renaming "Bucket List" the SDA LEARN (or LEARNIT) Initiative
      • Listen (to our members)
      • Engage (in professional conversations)
      • Articulate (a professional development plan)
      • Research (current trends and opportunities, experts in the field)
      • Network (with potential collaborative partners)
      • (opt.) I, you, all of us (have a role)
      • (opt.) Technology (is leveraged as part of the process, delivery, and outcome)
      • ΛΕΑΡΝIT or ΛεαρνΙτ - it's Greek to me (potential strategist 'skit' to unveil process in May)

  • PDO Celebration Night! (previously SDA Celebration Night!) 12:00pm

  • Travis Allen and iSchool Initiative April 25 training 1:00pm
    • promo
    • ESU #3
    • facility, room arrangement
    • strategist involvement
    • 2:45 Debrief - what will it look like?
    • how do we want to evaluate the overall effectiveness of this year's "Online PD" efforts?

  • Strategist Duties Review 1:30pm
    • current duties
    • review and revise for consideration at May SDA Business Meeting

  • Miscellaneous 2:30pm
  • Adjournment 3pm

Apr 25 2011 Training

Wed Apr 25: 9-3 SDA Technology Workshop: Travis Allen & the iSchool Initiative Team at ESU #3 LaVista >Bring Your iPad!
click to register

Keynote Address followed by four 1-hour workshop sessions, including Taking Notes, iPad Bootcamp, Creating a Presentation, andScience and Math with SWAG.


Travis Allen is a young visionary for Digital Learning in the classroom. Before graduating high school, Travis created a viral YouTube video on revolutionizing in America through mobile learning. Today, Travis is a junior at Kennesaw State University (KSU), where he operates his growing non-profit organization, the iSchool Initiative. Working closely with the Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) organization at KSU he has been able to turn his vision into a full blown movement with schools all over the world adopting the iSchool Initiative's concept. Travis manages a team of twenty people who are touring the country providing seminars, workshops, publications, and a network for students and educators, to motivate them to embrace becoming life-long digital learners in the Information Age. Travis is quickly becoming one of the top leaders in the emerging digital learning revolution movement. (from iSchool Initiative website)

Possible Schedule:
  • 9am Keynote Address
  • 10am Workshop 1 - Taking Notes
  • 11am Workshop 2 - iPad Bootcamp
  • Noon - Lunch
  • 12:45pm Workshop 3 - Creating a Presentation
  • 1:45pm Workshop 4 - Science and Math with SWAG
  • 2:45pm Debrief

Click here for workshop descriptions.

May 1 2011

SDA Strategist Meeting - May 2 2012
ESU #10 Kearney, 4pm-5pm

Meeting Objectives:

  • Reminders
    • Book Study tomorrow 7:45am (Amy)
    • June 18 Summer Planning Meeting at Yanney Park, Kearney 8:30am-4pm