The mission of SDA is to positively impact learning through statewide collaboration, leadership, and shared expertise.

Business Meeting Norms- Agreed upon by all members present

  1. Engage in open and honest dialogue.
  2. Honor diversity of ideas and practices.
  3. Share information, knowledge, and expertise.
  4. Exhibit professional behavior, such as limiting sidebar conversations and turning off electronic equipment that may cause interruptions.

Strategists Meetings

Thursday, June 19th: Camp Carol Joy Holling, Ashland
  • Wednesday, June 18 Informal Dinner, Round the Bend Steakhouse, Ashland, NE, 6:00pm
  • Thursday, June 19: Strategist Meeting at Camp Carol Joy Holling 8:30am-3:00pm

Wednesday, September 17: ESU 3 4-7pm
Monday, November 10: ESU 3 4-7pm
Wednesday, December 17: Google Hangout 9:00am-1:00pm
Monday, January 19: ESU 10 4-7pm
Thursday, March 19: Google Hangout 9:00am-1:00pm
Tuesday, April 7: Lifelong Learning Center, Norfolk 4-7pm
Monday, May 4: ESU 10 5-7pm
Wednesday, June 3: Lexington, Mac's Creek 9:00am-3:00pm

Strategist Meeting- Monday, May 4, 2015

ESU 10, Kearney, NE Conference Room A, 5:00-6:45pm

Members present:
Amy, Janet, Suzanne, Kate, Denise, Deb, Scott, Fredia

5:00pm Celebrating our successes
ESUCC Update- Dave, Scott, and/or Deb
  • Budget- extra funding in Dept. has not made it into the working budget to date
  • i3 grant- federal grant for innovation- $6 million with a focus on special program schools with potential benefits to all students
      • This grant is due tomorrow for pre-application
      • There is a focus between service units and DOE
      • Dollars available 2016-17 if awarded
  • Board approved contract with Unicon for single sign on-
      • System available fall 2015 and roll out for training
      • Pilot Dashboard schools will be starting points
  • LORE- Safari is opt in as notations broke down statewide
      • pricing is per ESU and ESU will decide all in or all out
      • Learn 360 will be approved by week end
  • LMS- Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, Moodle- contracts being finalized and available through co-op
  • Dashboard Pilots will have data to roll out in Power School and Canvas to come

NDE Update- Fredia
  • Discuss July 28 NDE Administrators' Days Preview Session at ESU 10
      • AQuESST and CIP will have a focus on tenants aligning to AdvancEd and Framework
        • May request support from SDA as needs arise for training and the like
        • 5- 7PM- overview of Admin day
        • Opportunities TBD- Continuous improvement focus- possibly a 1- 4:30 time frame to be confirmed by June retreat
  • Suicide prevention virtual training- tracking to done by schools we think
      • The statute outlines who must complete the training but schools can add additional persons
      • This will be available in the fall
      • Jolene will share ideas at SDA meeting

April 8-9 SDA Training
  • Any follow-up needed?
    • Beth K. would like to talk with us about how she can continue to work with us to support.
    • How can we continue to move SDA forward in becoming blended educators
  • Concerns/Feedback?
    • Instruction model good demonstration of Blend Ed but raised concerns about how many people were needed to support it
    • Where do we go with this next year? Instruction Bucket?

NWEA Update- Amy and/or Suzanne
  • Focus on Growth assignments for Cohort 2 is in progress
  • Contract?
    • We need to let ESUCC know how many people are going to continue in training before the contract is finalized
    • Documentation that was sent to be completed was somewhat confusing
      • Upfront- $12,000 to ESUCC- $800 per service unit if all units currently participating
      • $4000 ESUCC renewal and certification
      • $2500 for new training for each session and per person
      • Per participant per training cost $500 for those with the training- maintenance
      • Each trainer must be certified in two sessions

  • Thurs, Sept. 17th - DL Meeting 2:30-3:00 pm
    • We should consider adding more webinars
  • Susan is transitioning to a new position in NWEA and Kelly will be our new contact
  • New Cohort? Growth & Goals TOT?
    • Sign up sheet has been shared- we need 6 to start a new cohort
    • No dates can be set until we have the numbers
    • Focusing on Growth Fall dates need to be considered and confirmed - get date options from participants

May 5th SDA Business Meeting Agenda review SDA Wiki @

June Strategist Meeting- Kate
Possible agenda items:
Bucket Group Updates
Bucket Group Assignments
NDE Updates-Freida
November Training Update
New Member Mentoring
NWEA Update
Crisis Team Update
Bylaw Review/Mission
Administrator Days Schedule
Sept. SDA Meeting Agenda
Blend Ed
Danielson Model Training

Other topics?

6:45 adjourn to dinner

Strategist Meeting- Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Holiday Inn Express, Norfolk, NE 5:00-6:45pm

Members present: Denise, Amy, Suzanne, Kate, Janet

Discuss book study options for 2015-2016
  • Shifting the Monkey- Todd Whittaker
    • Kate will talk to Deb about ordering books
    • Kate will check with those not in attendance if they would like a book
Facilitation Training Discussion
    • Barb F. suggested we offer a training on facilitation skills (possibly Sue Pressler). We have several new staff developers and have not had a training targeted to SDA experiences in a few years.
    • Because budget has already been approved and this recommendation did not come from a bucket group we believe we will charge participants -- We will check with Deb to see if she would be able to facilitate the registration and ESU CC will serve as the fiscal agent
    • This will be a May agenda item: potential speakers and type of facilitation skills we would like to work on as a group

May 5th SDA Business Meeting Agenda

  • Opening Activity- video of honorees
  • Norms
  • ESU CC
  • Strategist Reports

NDE Initiatives: 5-10 Minute Updates
  • Data Systems- Russ Masco (DL-Zoom)
  • Teaching Endorsements, Rule 21, 1st Year Teacher Survey, and Shortage Survey- Sharon Katt (DL-Zoom)
  • Waiver and Student Achievement Data- Aprille Phillips & Matt Heusman
  • AQuESTT- Sue Anderson
  • CIP Workshops and Summer Training- Freida Lange
  • School Security- Jolene Palmer
  • CTE- Gregg Christensen, NDE and Kelly Clapp, ESU 10, 15 minutes

AQuESST- (Suzann) Big Ideas of Understanding: Talk in your group what is your general understanding of AQuESST
Essential Questions: What is are your questions?-- Google Doc

SDA Reports:
  • KICKS- Deb Paulman
  • NWEA- Amy and Suzanne
  • Crisis Team- Denise and Janet
  • Marzano Academy V- Suzanne
  • Math Grant- Debbie S?
  • Literacy Cadre- Suzanne?

Honoring our members
  • Dave, Lori-- give them the book
  • Frieda honoring Penny

Sue Presler- Danielson Discussion
  • Sue is a consultant with Danielson group, cognitive coaching, etc.
  • Conversations with Sue were initiated by ESU 13 about supporting ESUs who support districts on the Danielson Framework
  • Danielson Group - trained a cohort of people allowing them effectively train on Framework in Washington
    • Introduction and Framework observation skills
    • Yearly training to dig deeper into the domains
    • Become Agency Trainers within our ESUs- Danielson group will provide support as requested to the trainers
      • 1 or 2 persons from each ESU
      • 7-10 days of training over years time (yr 1)
      • Co-presentation with Danielson providing feedback ( yr 2)
      • Learning focused supervision (yr 3)
      • We would have the opportunity to contract directly through Sue
  • Academy for Framework Training
    • What will this look like- We could collaboratively design
    • Multi-sessions
    • Would this go statewide- regional
  • Danielson conference October 2015- to be announced

Bucket Group

6:45pm Adjourn to dinner

Strategist Meeting- Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zoom Meeting 9:00am-1:00pm

Members present: Suzanne, Denise, Dave, Kate, Scott, Amy, Freida, Kraig,

Update on SDA Budget Request and ESUCC/ESUPDO Update Dave Ludwig
  • LB343: Programs of Excellence for Dual Credit, AP, Career and College Readiness. Funded outside of TEEOSA so all schools benefit. Based on a student completion count. Funding will run through ESUs. (this just keeps ESUs involved. ESUs will not make any money from this.
  • LB 402: Sending districts only will receive funds. $500,000 fiscal note. Was not going to succeed as a stand alone. LB343 includes language from 402 now.
  • LB 478: Bill to help fund improvements for ESUs without having to use money from general fund.
  • Appropriations: Includes: core funding: ESUs currently have 6 years in a row with no funding increase. Matt is working to address this.
  • Funding for Data was taking out. Trying to get that put in at some level.
  • Technology: Looking to use AMOS for the AdvancED component at NDE. How can this be done at the state level to include all stakeholders? Looking to create a committee to discuss data this summer. Looking to create two action plans that focus on: infrastructure and instructional delivery.

Technology Plan (Scott): Projects will address three areas: Infrastructure, applications, support.
  • Infrastructure: how we host things and provide services (statewide data centers) Design as to how we can efficiently host things. Where we can place them, provide back up, and reduce cost. Design phase of this is currently underway. Will prepare a cost analysis.
  • Identity management/presentation system: help with giving users a convenient way to access, make it convenient for users, meet users where they are at. Working with the Illini Cloud Consortium. Scott has a code and they will look to see how we will start to roll this out and how we will change it to make it useful to Nebraska. Looking at options for resources from outside or other ESUs to get this in place as quickly as possible.
  • Data Dashboard: Partnering with single sign on and infrastructure (NDE and ESUCC) 9 pilot districts will have live data starting in April. Training will be provided over the summer. 20 other districts will be coming on to the project next year. Will learn to see which training works best and what needs to be done to roll this out statewide.
  • IMAT: Learning Object Repository: Difficult negotiations with Safari Montage. In the process of looking at alternatives. Want to keep access to content we currently have, but get a convenient vehicle for sharing and managing content. Looking to see how we can develop a product that is not vendor reliant.
  • Learning Management Systems: Task force has developed specs to see what is needed. State can't rely on one LMS. Objective: Obtain statewide pricing on a small number of LMSs that the state can support and districts can choose from. Currently meeting with vendors. Currently targeting Moodle, Canvas, Schoology, and Blackboard. Hopefully have a recommendation with final cost by April CC meeting.
  • SRS: Transition. This system has been maintained by an outside system. Mike Denehey has been hired to maintain this in state. He will start later this year.

The ESUPDO 2-Year calendar has been approved.

All Affiliates will also be allowed to have access to a contract management site in order to be transparent. Currently in draft form. Strategists can access that document from this link:
Contract Management

NWEA Contract: Currently working to get figures to us by the end of April. Should be approved by May. The contract is being adjusted so that ESUs will be paying for what they actually use/need instead of a dividing the cost among all.

ESUPDO Planning Committee Update- Dave Ludwig, Freida Lange, or Deb Hericks

Share successes: How have you "Outlearned the Wolves" this year?
NDE Update (if any)- Freida Lange
ESUCC and NDE are meeting in April (7) to discuss statewide initiatives. Kate and Denise will attend this meeting. Denise will be sharing information regarding the NWEA agreement and trainings.

School Improvement Workshops: Currently calling to determine sites. Dates will be: Sept. 28 & 29 (probably Gehring), Oct. 15 & 16 (Lincoln or Omaha), Oct. 19 & 20 (Norfolk or Kearney), Oct. 26 & 27 (Norfolk or Kearney), Oct. 29 & 30 (Lincoln or Omaha) Info will be send out as soon as sites are confirmed.

AdvancED Lead Evaluator Training will be held sometime in the Spring (very end of May or first part of June). Another training will be held in either August or September.

Reorganizing structures of AdvancED. We will have our own region representative. This will allow Nebraska to have more of a say and receive more personalized service.

AQUESTT: Close to 500 people are currently registered. Conference objective: to ensure that everyone across the state knows what AQUESTT is, what are the tenants, what are people required to do at this point in time.

Strategists Meeting: We will meet at 5:00 in Norfolk at the Holiday Inn Express.

April 8, 2015 Training
  • We currently have 40 registered, with a couple being DL options.
  • Deb has taken care of Life Long Learning Center arrangements in Norfolk.
  • Denise will talk to Beth and Janet to make sure all of their needs are met.

April 9, 2015 Training- Amy and/or Suzanne
  • Trainers will set up at 7:00 a.m.
  • Training materials and supplies will be brought by Janet.
  • Some of this training will be differentiated based on individual needs that are revealed by a needs assessment that will be conducted at the beginning of the workshop.
  • Training starts at 8:00 a.m. Participants need to bring a computer. Suzanne will compose a reminder email and send to Deb so Deb can send this out a week before the training.

NWEA Update - Suzanne and/or Amy
  • We need to decide if there will be a new cohort training group for new people. When is a good time to start this? ESUs/schools need to let us know by April if they will have people they wish to participate. If we have 8 people, then we can set up training dates.
  • NWEA is currently working on an RtI product to be released in July. Also working to make their data more interactive.
  • Suzanne and Denise will present at the AQuESTT Conference
    • Their presentation will provide an NWEA overview of how using MAP data can help schools with instruction
    • The presentation will focus on the collaboration between ESUs and NWEA.

Prepare for May 5th SDA Meeting
  • Retirements: Penny (Freida will honor Penny)
    • She will be crowned "Queen of SDA". Suzanne will get a crown and sash. Kate will order the plaque. "Queen" music will be played during the presentation.
  • Leaving: Dave, Lori.
  • Emily J. will be making notebooks.
  • Suzanne will send an email to all SDA members reminding them to get cards for these individuals if they want to.

May Agenda:
  • We will start our meeting at 10:00 a.m. We will conclude at 3:00 p.m.
  • Freida will inquire to determine who from NDE wishes to address our group in May by our April 7th meeting so we can finalize the May agenda.
  • Denise will send an email to determine which Cadre members would like to provide updates during the meeting.

Suggestions for Book Study for 2015-2016 (book will be selected in May)
  • Shifting the Monkey by Todd Witaker
  • One Word by Jon Gordon

Bucket Groups:
  • Instruction/Leadership group will discuss possible statewide trainings to be held in 2016.
  • Curriculum/Assessment Bucket Groups will work to define specifics of November training.
    • Deb can start creating a contract for Cassie Erkens.

Crisis Team:
  • Budget proposal was approved. Hope to have registration link up by May.
  • 2015-2016 will offer:
    • Three Level II training (North Platte, Hastings, Norfolk)
    • Three Level IV trainings (North Platte, Columbus, Omaha)
    • Will need to recruit an additional SDA member to serve on the Crisis Team planning group since Dave is leaving.
  • Crisis Management Institute training will be offered in Omaha sometime in 2015-2016.

Strategist Meeting- Monday, January 19, 2015

ESU 10 Conference Room A- 4:30-6:45pm

Members present: Dave, Kate, Frieda, Suzanne, Deb, Scott, Denise, Janet

Share a first semester personal or professional success

Update on SDA Budget Request if available- Dave Ludwig
  • Submitted budget to coordinating council- action taken in March
ESUCC/ESUPDO Update (if needed)- Dave Ludwig
  • Dave is working on creating an activities calendar with deadlines, information and the like to help keep all organized
  • Building capacity of all affiliate groups
  • Work on active engagement with all members
  • Draft of 2 year calendar can be shared with affiliate groups
    • Denise shared the need to review the April meeting dates as they all run back to back as we continue to build calendars
    • Calendar to be approved in March
    • July dates will be added to Admin Days preview and potential meetings during the day
  • Legislative session- policy partners session in Lincoln on Thursday
    • great dialogue occurring
ESUPDO Planning Committee Update- Dave Ludwig and/or Janet
  • Expand the role to meet on a quarterly timeframe
  • Provide updates as per legislative workings and communicate to affiliate groups to keep everyone informed
  • Build statewide model with capacity to work collaboratively
  • Build business partnerships
  • Utilize data to make decisions to continue to move forward
Technology Update- Scott Isaacson
  • Timelines in draft form for action planning to move ahead-beyond conversation
  • Action Steps will go through affiliate groups- Scott will share with our group tomorrow
  • Provider of Infrastructure
    • Cloud environment
    • single sign-on to access your cloud
    • Portal system
    • Applications- Learning Object repository, open resources, etc.
  • software is open source and it will be shared with us
  • Demonstrator environment up and running within the next few months
  • Data dashboard continues- 9 pilots will have use later this spring. An additional 35 districts want to participate
  • Contract extension for Safari for the fiscal year and continuation with negotiations ongoing in regard to cost and to address deficiencies
  • LMS- task force for one statewide LMS
    • Marketplace -- a collection of a few that meet criteria, statewide pricing, matrix for comparison- allowing ESUs and districts to make decisions
    • RFP process
NDE Update (if any)- Freida Lange
  • Waiver- 4 principals required by feds
    • Teacher/Prin evaluation
    • Standards as approved by higher ed as college and career ready
    • Accountability-AQuESST
    • Reduction of the burden of reporting
  • What are the systems of support?
  • AQuESST conference
  • Rule 10 -- January meetings at ESUs
    • Link to draft on NDE home page--Hear draft and link to secretary of state
    • Issue- all students certified in CPR before graduation as it will open the door to many issues regarding grad requirements
      • compromise that it is a component of health the PE but receiving lots of write in requests to add to Rule 10. Continue this as a local decision
April 8, 2015 Training
  • Discussion of needs for the afternoon BlendED session
    • Marcia Kish follow up
    • Brainstorm ideas and send survey what do they want as follow up
  • Finalize plans and add details to SDA Business meeting agenda
June SDA Meeting Date
  • Julie Downing will be our new strategist
  • New Date -- June 3
NWEA Update- Janet, Suzanne, Amy, and/or Deb
  • Webinar after SDA meeting Room to be assigned-3:00 PM
    • DL Cart
Crisis Team Budget Question- Denise
  • $40,000 budget is allocated
  • Consider next year to offer a level 1 and level 2 in addition to a new presenter
  • Budget process will required to be submitted
    • set up a protocol for articulating process for selection of additional trainer
Prepare for January 20 SDA Business Meeting
  • Intro activity for SDA meeting
    • I used to think but now I know
    • Suzanne will lead
  • ESUPDO Mission during SDA meeting- Decide on activity and responsibilities
    • provide feedback- anything we want to change
    • Table groups
    • Janet Will lead
  • Bucket Groups
    • Discuss goal(s)/outcomes for groups at SDA Business meeting
    • Large group processing- decide on protocol/activity and responsibilities
Finalize the January 20 SDA Business Meeting agenda
Other Items?
Next Strategist meeting March 19, 2015 9:00am-1:00pm Distance Meeting via Zoom
  • Add agenda items to Strategist wiki or email Denise

Strategist Meeting- Wednesday, December 17

Zoom Meeting 9:00am-1:00pm

Members present: Kate, Suzanne, Denise, Janet, Amy, Brian, Freida, Kraig

Share something you are looking forward to over Christmas Break or in 2015.
Debrief November 11-12 RCD Training
  • Feedback from participants
    • Participants appreciated content of day one and found applicable information to bring to districts. Most felt that the amount of content and full expectations outlined in the training were not manageable
    • Work to create manageable steps and create the simplified plan for dissemination. Suzanne has started to think through a simplified plan that would be beneficial
      • To continue support create a task force or consider the curriculum bucket to begin work on this to be shared with SDA members
      • A conversation at January SDA business meeting will put this on the table- How can we promote follow up and continuous work toward this professional learning. Kate has volunteered to lead the conversation.
      • Relevant for several years as we continue to get the new standards
      • ESU 1 is using an online program that aligns with the RCD training

ESUPDO Planning Committee Update- Janet
Draft agenda document
2015-2016 SDA Budget
  • Review google docs with budget requests- Budget approval anticipated in March
    • November 11-12- adjust travel expenses to reflect $1500 period (remove other verbiage) with a total of $6500 and add materials cost $10/person under additionally statements in the document
    • Can we invite district participants to this training? This is open to all affiliates for the $20/day fee by a certain date and then open district per invitation at a fee of $100. A total of 78 participants may attend.
      • Each ESU will be allowed to invite up to 2 persons. If not all spots are taken more spots will be open
    • PDO will cover printing --materials cost $10/person
    • SDA Business Meetings
    • We have been instructed to make a budget request regardless of bill back to ESUs for all fees
    • Formal calendar dates have not been set yet so this document may change per set dates- this will be added to the January agenda with ESU administration
      • Denise will request of Dave the dates so they can be announced asap
    • The statements under the heading How does workshop align with goals and mission of ESUCC and NDE will be removed and a statement will be added to reflect how they align with ESUCC goals and priority areas
    • SDA Strategists Meetings
    • Books for strategists and mentor/mentee will remain on the budget. It may be denied per Dave and budget considerations. This will be added to ESU CC agenda.
    • SDA Training April 5-6
    • Document will be reordered to reflect the fee will be billed back to ESUs as the cost is for meals and snacks
    • Add statement presenter and topic to be determined

April 8-9, 2015 Training Discussion
  • April 8 -- Instructional model and safari montage or technology boot camp
  • Thursday, April 9, 8-4, Informing Instruction training
    • only cost will be food cost billed back to each ESU or school
  • We will send out survey to SDA if this will meet needs/attendance
  • Janet will talk Beth to share with her about the afternoon
  • Amy via Deb H. will send out a message to NWEA participants about the April 9th NWEA training before Christmas
  • These will be separate registrations

2015-2016 Strategist Selection
  • Nominations by Strategists have been discussed and are based on the guidelines
  • Selection of new Strategist will be announced in January if there is an acceptance

SDA Business Meeting Agenda- January 20, 2015 Time change 10-3
January 19 strategist meeting 4:30-7:00 and out to eat afterward
Denise will send out invitation to Cindy Gray
Request that everyone update the list of expertise

9:00am Welcome- Intro Activity Ideas?
Resolutions snow ball fight

Strategist Report- Janet
November, Dec.mtgs

SDA Mission/Vision discussion: Janet is seeking clarification- this may be in regard to ESU PDO mission vision
Plan for this Jan. 19

NDE Updates
Deb Romanek- Math Standards DL from Lincoln
Jolene Palmer- School Safety
Sue Anderson AQUESTT
April and Matt- Progress toward wavier
Frieda- Rule 10
Diane Stuehmer- AYP

SDA Updates

Ask is anyone would like to join the committee
Ask Jolene Palmer if there are any connections with crisis trainings
Crisis Team Level III Trainings- February 3, 10, & 17

Thursday, April 9, 8-4, Informing Instruction training
Spring Regional Meetings
  • Norfolk - April 17, 9:30-3:00
  • ESU 3 April 14, 9"30-3:00
  • ESU 10 April 16, 9:30-3:30

Revision of Alignment to Reading and Language Usage tests
Quarterly reports will be shared only with individuals who have results

Denise will send out emails to see if anyone wants to report out for math or science.

Literacy cadre
Marzano Academy
Principal retreat

RCD Follow-Up Activity
Kate will facilitate a conversation of next steps brainstorming

Bucket Groups

Help to prioritize and Create an action plan using template from Suzanne
Assessment- Amy Hill
Curriculum- Kate Hatch
Instruction- Janet Foss
Leadership- Suzanne Whisler

Bucket Group Reports

Reminder of January times, content, etc.

Mentor/Mentee lunch- Suzanne will send out invitation

Next meeting date: Tuesday, May 5 9:00am-2:00pm ESU 10 Kearney
2:00pm Adjourn

2:15pm Certified NWEA MAP Trainers Conference Call

March 6th next date for Curriculum coordinator meeting at OPS district office- Suzanne will be able to attend

Summer Strategist Retreat: Winery $20/person June 16 PM-June 17
Deb H. will make all reservations and bill to ESU

Retirement: Penny- consider how to celebrate in May
Leaving SDA- Lori- check with Emily on notebook

Strategist Meeting- Monday, November 10

ESU 3 4:00-7:00pm

Members present: Amy Hill, Kate Hatch, Suzanne Whisler, Denise O'Brien

Book Study- Outlearning the Wolves led by Suzanne

Debrief September 18th SDA Meeting
  • Bucket Group Updates
    • Assessment/Curriculum- Kate and Amy
      • The following information has been gathered regarding a follow-up to the RCD training in 2015-16:
        • Cassie Erkins: $2500/day plus travel expenses (typically $1500 for a two day event)
        • She has tentatively penciled in Nov. 11th & 12th, 2015 for
        • Janet will book ESU 3 for these dates
      • Deb has suggested that we provide information regarding other options for trainers.
        • Lead and Learn - approximately $13,000 for two days
        • Dylan Wilam- $18,000-$20,000
      • We believe working with Cassie Erkens will be most beneficial to our group. Denise will contact Cassie to inform her that we are taking this to our board for formal approval.
      • In January we will work toward specific direction for the training event
      • Location of training: Limited venues hinder where training sessions can be held. ESU administration is working with Norfolk to keep the costs lower. Wayne state would be another option as we can get facilities at no charge.
        • Will try to vary location so it is balanced in travel ie; ESU 3, ESU 3, ESU 10, Norfolk or Lincoln, ESU 10
        • We can check on Lincoln new admin building as a location for future trainings (Suzanne will check)
        • Need to consider convenience for the trainers
      • Tentative Dates for 15-16- November 11-12, April 5- 6, ESUCC will set other training dates
    • Instruction- Janet
      • Meeting Tuesday
      • Finalize presentation
      • Plan for how resources will be shared
    • Leadership- Suzanne
      • Instructional Leadership
      • Set meeting with different statewide leadership groups to work collaboratively on the roll out of Teacher/Prin Evaluation
      • Action plan development indicates alignment to Teacher/Prin eval
        • NDE will request the wavier which push this work further ahead-
        • Timeline indicates to submit request for wavier in April- We seem to be ready with College and Career Ready, AQuESST, Teacher/Prin evaluation framework
        • What is the timeline for approval and future requirements of the wavier acceptance?
  • Agenda items for January SDA Business Meeting
    • Deb Romanek- Math Standards Update via Zoom (requested by Math Cadre)
    • Data for Continuous Improvement additional training?
    • Helen is new Math grant director
    • Timeline for Math standards is to have them to the board by May (late spring)
  • Idea- have 2 hour training after SDA business meeting to prepare for continued work with Bernhardt materials?
    • Data cadre request for time to share more information
    • January ESUPDO break out sessions will be an option
    • Need for more perceptual data training- NDE is promoting ESU to support the work
    • Denise will meet with Data Cadre on Dec. . She will solicit a strong description for the January training session with ESUPDO
    • Following January ESUPDO we will gather information as to wants needs to support districts
Question/Answer on ESU CC/NDE Meeting October 9, 2014
It was voiced that we are ready to move ahead with creation of the mission/vision, but moving forward has been tentatively approached
This work will be done the first hour of the January ESUPDO workshop
Janet is meeting with planning group in December and will share out the information needed with strategists in December
ESUCC PDO Meeting Update- Janet

April Training in Norfolk
  • Instruction bucket group will share the implementation resources with staff develpopers and allow time for exploration of the resources in Sarfari Montage and google. Janet will talk with Beth, ESU 7 as she has agreed to present the blend ed portion
  • What preparation do we need?
  • NWEA Training instead on Day 2?
1 day overview of Informing Instruction prior to cohort 2 going through the training which is new to them
8-4 time frame because of the amount of content
Cost for lunch can be billed to each ESU
Deb will continue to coordinate the training in collaboration with strategists
Amy will confirm information with Amy and it will be shared out that we certified trainers are meeting April 9th

Fall 2014 Training
  • Do we have a topic? Formative Assessment
  • Trainer options? Cassie
  • Next steps to organize the training
RCD Training
  • Any last minute prep? Ready to go
  • Kate is introducing!! :)
Strategist Selection Process for 2015-2016
  • Please review Strategist Selection Criteria in the SDA Bylaws
    • region, expertise, etc.
  • Bring names and rationale to the December 17th meeting
Next meeting date: December 17 via Google Hangout or Zoom 9:00am-1:00pm

Summer strategist meeting: Westward HO June 17, 2015
Madeline's bakery- Lexington, Holiday Inn Express

Strategist Meeting- Wednesday, September 17
ESU 3 4:00-7:00pm

Members present: Kate, Denise, Suzanne, Amy, Deb, Dave, Freida

Welcome- Please share a personal or professional success from July-September
Receive Books: Outlearning the Wolves
  • Discuss book study plans
    • Team will complete the book by November 10 meeting. Suzanne will lead us through an activity to lead us through initial discussion
    • Themes will be referred to throughout the year

Debrief what has been happening:
  • Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement
    • July 28-29 training follow up
    • Positive response to the training and protocols from the training and within the text
    • SDA would like additional training
    • Kate and Denise worked with 30ish principals at UNK sharing information from the training
    • Should be considered as an ESU PDO training
    • Biggest question is use of survey within the Bernhardt book and AdvancED
      • From data group meeting at ESU PDO there has been a request to do the alignment to the standards or survey questions
  • Other summer meetings or initiative updates
  • Update from the ESUCC PDO Planning Committee- Janet?
    • Planning team will review data from two day training to determine about next steps
    • Marcia Kisc January 21, 2015
RCD Training
  • Registration procedures
    • Flyer will be sent and Kate will share at SDA meeting
    • 2 persons from each school via registration with Deb are allowed. Deb is keeping a wait list as well.
  • Anything we need for preparation?
    • Deb will follow up to see if Pam has specific needs
April 2015: Norfolk- Are these still our needs?
  • Day 1 Instructional Model/Teacher Principal Evaluation (possible choice for specific content on day 2)
    • 1/2 day for Instructional Model
    • 1/2 day Sarfari Montage
      • Denise will talk Beth about trainers to support this learning
  • Day 2 Follow up for RCD/Data Literacies
    • 1/2 day follow up
  • We will generate separate registrations

Finalize SDA Business Meeting Agenda
  • How are we going to facilitate the revision of SDA mission/vision?
    • Do we table this since the ESUCC mission and vision have not been formalized yet?
  • Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement activity
  • Opening activity plans

Other Items?
2015-2016 Budget needs to be finalized by January 2015
  • November Strategist meeting
    • Research and plan Fall 2015 training
    • Who shall we plan for, dates, etc
    • May approval of budget was a little late. Dave will ask for CC approval by March.
    • Buget parameter is $10,000 range but we can supplement by charging a fee as necessary
  • December Strategist meeting
    • Finalize Fall 2015 training
    • Prepare the budget 2015-2016
Next Strategist Meeting
  • November 10, 2014 ESU 3 4:00-7:00pm

DRAFT Business Meeting Agenda:
8:30am Welcome- Introduce SDA Strategist Team
Introduce/Recognize New SDA members: Welcome Sara ESU 3, Dianah ESU 10, Jami ESU 10, NDE partners, Curriculum Director representative Cindy Gray, Guests.

Opening Activity: Mission SDA
Electronic connections: DL, SDA Wiki
SDA membership information- update
SDA Bylaws- Denise
Bylaws Revisions
  • Vote to accept or reject changes
Strategist Report- Janet
Mentoring update- Suzanne
Debrief PDO meetings

SDA Mission Revision- Strategists
NDE Updates-

Sue Anderson- Nebraska Accountability Model

Aprille Phillips- Student Achievement Coordinator

Freida Lange- Accountability Policy Forums & CIP workshops

Harris Payne- Social Studies Director

Teresa Coonts- Special Education

11:30am Legislative Update- Mike Dulaney & Dan Ernst

NWEA Update- Amy
Future meeting dates, times, locations
RCD training- Kate
Other items to share:
MRL Academy- Barb or Suzanne?
Elementary Science Olympiad- Kellen & Marci
Crisis Team Trainings
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:00 Data Analysis for Continuous Improvement Workshop Follow-Up
1:00-1:50 Bucket Groups
1:50-2:00 Bucket Group Reports
2:15-3:00 NWEA Conference Call

Strategist Meeting- Thursday, June 19

Thursday, June 19 8:30am-3:00pm
Camp Carol Joy Holling

Members present: Kate, Suzanne, Amy, Janet, Denise, Scott, Freida

Business Meeting Norms
  • Additions/Deletions
Book Study to begin in September- Outlearning the Wolves
May SDA Meeting Debrief

  • Bucket Updates
    • Assessment/Data- Denise
      • Russ has communicated that prof from Chandron State (Bill Roweton) is working with schools and gathering research data. Data assessment group will have the opportunity to have conversations with him and work collaboratively in regard to his work. Denise has asked for next steps and what his wants and needs are for mutual support.
      • No clear training needs have been articulated, but teacher development of quality assessments is something to consider as STARS has been gone for several year.
      • ESUPDO session was well received. Informative for those attending.
    • Curriculum- Kate
      • Rigorous Curriculum Design workshop set for November 11, 12-- Would like follow up after the training
      • Consider a vendor day to showcase new materials for our personal/professional awareness. Perhaps contact the curriculum directors group and share resources
      • Data dashboard
      • Shureen Seery from Lousiville is our contact/rep. We have not been sending an SDA member to any of their meetings. Janet will talk with Shureen to see if a member of SDA can attend future meetings to build on collaboration
    • Instruction- Janet
      • Working on Instructional Model
        • Template created
        • Working on pre-assessment to gather where school districts are in the process
        • 4 or 5 big questions that districts should work through as they are building an instructional model
        • SDA members charged with finding resources: books, videos, etc.
        • Goal to build something usable for assisting districts with the creation of their instructional model
    • Leadership- Denise (information from Toby)- Request TOT on Professional Development Plans
      • Ideas shared with the Instruction Bucket Group to work collaboratively on the big ideas.
      • Instructional model is the starting point
      • Teacher/Principal evaluation- help districts develop their plans, goals, etc.
      • This is a part of contiunous improvement: Full day training (SLO) will be a part of the Continous Improvement Workshops
        • Exact structure has not been established to date but options for different focus will be available
      • SDA members would benefit from training/guidlines for assisting schools: Instructional model development/common language of instruction or refinement of the model, goal setting, professional development plan
        • Can we design differentiated training based on the ESU needs to support districts
      • Denise will follow up with Toby about a training to develop a consist understanding (perhaps part of Instructional Model Training) of the pd planning
    • 2014-2015 Bucket Leadership
      • Suzanne will take over the Leadership Bucket
      • Amy will take over Assessment and Denise will be a member
      • Kate and Janet will keep their buckets

  • NDE Update- Freida
  • LB 438- outlines id of 3 lowest performing buildings -- By statute the model must be approved by December. Sept. 2015 will be the identification. Progress plans need to be developed the year after identification (August 2016).
    • Must show improvement within 5 years
    • Learning from the 3 schools will be shared to support all school systems
    • Lots of conversation occurring--nothing established formally yet
    • SDA represenation within this group
    • Intervention Teams are a part of this- NDE hiring a consultant to carry out the final plan
      • This team will work with the school and will stay with the school in a collaborative setting for as long as needed
      • SDA members will most likely be involved with the process if they have schools identified. The level of support has not been articuluated
  • AdvancED State council
    • Request for support for service unit members on how to use and assist with Assist
    • Time frame for this training has not been set- consider this as a day for fall PDO. This will be discussed at the planning meeting in June

  • Continuous Improvement Workshop
    • Some Assist training will be available as a session
    • Strands for training will include SLO.
    • SDA members will deliver some content and are asked to attend to support districts
    • LB 1103 (visioning) -focus groups across the state may be scheduled the evenings of the CIP workshops- This is not definite-conversations occurring

    ELA standards- Public input August 5th. September would be the soonest for the release. Nothing known about math standards revisions at this point.

  • Technology Update and more- Scott
    • Recognizes many good things are happening but great variances across the state and duplication of work are inhibiting efficiency
    • Scott is working informally with a smaller group to work toward effective enterprise-grade, efficent and economical technology platform
    • Reliable, natural way to reach users
    • Potential reorganization into teams
      • Uniform system that can be built upon and changes made as necessary to reflect needs
      • Participation dependent on wants and needs-- all in or just trying it out for some thing
    • Infrastructure Layers
      • Teams to work horizontally allowing team members to provide support within a layer to effectively meet needs and requests
      • Communication is key element across teams
    • ESU support will be requested to support initiatives : ESU CC guiding inititiave and could involve NDE and university systems
      • software development, data support, security, hardware, updates, etc.
    • Conversations will occur with ESU CC administrators and will occur across other groups
    • Critical mass needed to start and then all others can opt-in

    EDFi updates
    • If vendors will cooperate there should not be limit to the number of vendors who can participate. It will be dependent on the vendor.
    • 12/13 vendors are willing to work with the data dashboard system
    • 9 pilot districts and another group will join 2015-16 school year.
      • 9 pilots will go live this year

Project director for math grant will be designated: Math cadre will be reactivated (Kate is a member)
Dave Ludwig will start July 1. He will work primarily out of ESU 3
NDE ESU CC Planning meetings: October 9 (Lincoln 10:00-3:00) , April 2 (10:00-3:00)

  • Training needs for April 2015: Norfolk
  • Day 1 Instructional Model/Teacher Principal Evaluation (possible choice for specific content on day 2)
  • Day 2 Follow up for RCD/Data Literacies
  • We will generate separate registrations

Habitudes for Career Ready Students- TOT
  • One day for Staff Developers and then take back to teachers to use with students
  • Schools can not have a school unless they go through a training
  • Can this be done regionally to support districts statewide using a small cohort of trainers.
  • Can Cory provide this to group of teachers within a region?
  • Denise will email Jeff and Cory to see if Cory can train regionally or if that is not an option we suggest that a core of Staff Developers get the training and offer regionally. Determinations of fee structures and like will need to occur.

  • Marzano TOT?
  • October 2 with Tammy for persons who have attended all training sessions in the past year was offered. This will not occur.
  • February 26 will now be a training date for anyone who has been through the training dates in 13-14 or 14-15. Cost would be divided amongst the trainers, but the full cost has not been shared. This would give those trained access to the materials to support schools.
  • Marzano Academy share out at all SDA meetings would be helpful to promote communication with all members of SDA.

  • Training needs for November 2015: Focus: Using Assessment for Continuous Improvment
  • RCD has an assessment component as a portion of the entire training session
  • Day could focus on assessment development training as it can be a follow up and enhancement to the RCD training
  • Assessment and Curriculum buckets will work through this to explore options: Investigate ATI, RCD, Cassie Erkens
  • Kate will share the idea with her bucket group for feeback and input. Amy will do the same with her bucket group.
  • Share out at fall Strategist meeting
  • Share information with Dave as we begin planning

ESUPDO Planning Committee- SDA Representative
  • Janet has volunteered for this position- June 26th (google hangout)
  • Jeff, Sue Anderson and Julie Downing are members of this team as well.
Google Hangout- Thursday, June 26 1:00-4:00pm

Rigorous Curriculum Design Training Update (Kate)
  • Names of Invited guests will be given to Deb H. by October 1st
Deb will bill the ESU and the ESU will determine how payment will be handled
Kate will send to list serve by the end of June

New Member Mentoring
  • Janet and Suzanne will head this
  • New Members: Jami Schaffnitt, ESU 10; Dianah Steinbrink, ESU 10; Sarah Zabrowski ESU 3
  • Find a mentor for each: Joni and Jami, Barb F. and Sarah, Dianah and Lenny
    • Janet and Suzanne will offer the opportunity to Jone, Lenny and Barb to mentor
    • Check if they have the Mindset book
    • Janet with ask Deb if we have extra books from last year---- if not we will ask Deb to order
    • For the future we will ask each service unit to purchase the book for their mentor/mentee
  • Mentoring Plan
    • Lunch together SDA meeting Sept. 18.

NWEA Sustainability Plan (Amy)
  • Completed to date:
    • Stepping Stones, Climbing the Data Ladder, and Growth and Goals: Cohort 1
    • Applying Reports: Cohort 2
  • Future trainings
    • We will continue to share with them that we would like a one day training and then complete course work and then do a follow up if more trainings options arise
    • New cohorts can be added as we have 8 persons needing training
    • Climbing the Data Ladder: Cohort 2- Spring/Summer 2015 ?
    • Growth and Goals: Cohort 2- 2016?
    • Need to know timeframe of completion of updates. Amy will send message requesting dates for training options timeframes: Will suggest early June. Face to face Mid-April, online June week 1 or 2, face to face June
    • DL meetings: Sept. 18, 2:15-3:00, November 12, 4-4:45,
    • Webinar: November 11, Jan. 20, April 8, May 5
    • Regional statewide meetings are good to attend: Oct. 3 ESU 3, Norfolk Oct. 2, Beatrice Oct. 1
    • Amy will share this with participants
    • Contract will be revised- Amy will share updates with SDA to keep communication open to best meet needs of participan

Crisis Team Training (Denise & Janet)
  • Actual costs and funds generated were not available at meeting date
  • 2014-15 participants will be getting lunch and costs will increase per training, but fees will not be raised for participants
  • Parameters need to be defined regarding process, funding, etc. We will have a conversation with Dave.
  • Discuss alternate options (Janet)
    • ESU CC has requested that we get additional options for other presenters when we make requests for training
  • Crisis Management Institute http://www.cmionline.org/
    • Online workshop options
    • Fee is more than John Dudley
  • I Love U Guys Foundation
    • Scottsbluff has used this training. Well received and less expensive than John Dudley. Focus is on prevention rather than response, but may not address planning
  • We will continue for the 2014-15 school year with John Dudley. Sites and dates have been sent out to all ESUs

Internet Safety/Bullying - Suggestion from Jeff McQuistan
  • Potential for regional trainings similar to crisis team format
  • As strategists how do we determine when a regional training is warrented?
    • we should not promote a vendor
  • TAG works through this type of training
  • Every building in state must submit a safety plan, Hour inservice on suicide (2015), and other mandates need to be considered
  • NDE will have a person who will be in charge: School Security
    • resources, SDA meetings,

Bylaws Quick Review
  • Review Article III- Meetings of Members
  • Review Article IV- Strategists Roles
    • Strikethroughs and changes documented on bylaws document
    • Summer 2015 Article 1 will be reviewed
    • Appendix G- Learning Forward Standards are old. Denise will add new standards to document and share with SDA members

July 28 2014 Data Training
  • ESU 10
  • 8:30-5:00 June 28
July 29, 2014 Data Training, ELA standards NDE Administrators' Days Preview 5-7pm Ramada Inn
  • 8:00- 2:30 Data Training
  • 3:15-4:45 LA standards
  • 5-7 NDE Admin preview
July30 Admin day
  • 8:30 keynote
September SDA Meeting Agenda
  • 8:30-2:00
  • 2:15-3:00 NWEA conference call
  • Welcome: QR code trivia, table of junk and find something they have in common and represent it with the junk on the table
      • Denise will find a clip of the A team building 'something' to save the mission
      • Strategists will all bring stuff for the table

  • Agenda: Order will change
  • SDA Membership info update
  • NDE updates
  • NWEA update
  • Bucket time
  • Debrief PDO events
  • SDA wiki
  • Bylaws changes
  • Future calendar
  • RCD workshop
  • MRL academy update
  • Strategist meeting report
  • ELA standards updates
  • Mike Delany update
  • Frieda updates
  • Cory Epler

Other topics?