The mission of SDA is to positively impact learning through statewide collaboration, leadership, and shared expertise.

Business Meeting Norms- Agreed upon by all members present

  1. Engage in open and honest dialogue.
  2. Honor diversity of ideas and practices.
  3. Share information, knowledge, and expertise.
  4. Exhibit professional behavior, such as limiting sidebar conversations and turning off electronic equipment that may cause interruptions.

Strategists Meetings

Wednesday, June 3rd: Mac's Creek, Lexington

Wednesday, September 16: ESU 3 4:00-7:30pm
Monday, November 10: Embassy Suites Lobby: LaVista, 4-7pm
Wednesday, December 16: Google Hangout 9:00am-1:00pm
Monday, January 18: ESU 10, 4:30-7:30pm
Thursday, March 17: Google Hangout 9:00am-1:00pm
Tuesday, April 4: ESU 3, 4-7pm
Monday, May 2: ESU 10, 4:30-7:30pm
Summer Meeting TBA



Strategist Meeting - Monday May 2, 2016 (ESU 10)

4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Freida, Deb, Julie, Kate, Denise, Janet


Business Meeting Norms (see above)

ESUCC Update: Dave, Scott or Deb

  • 28 schools pilot and early adopter phase one
  • 75 districts want to come on phase 2 planning for 100
  • Single sign on going well
  • Other vendors are catching up with PowerSchool
  • Virtual support team for ADVISER- Identify one to two people to help support onboarding
    • Help to coordinate knowledge base
    • Tech background and pd experience
  • TLT- Strategic planning session on Tuesday to create the mission and vision
    • Want to follow the SDA format and procedures
  • MOU with Illini Cloud
    • K-12 federation looking to work with several other states
    • Grant through Bill and Melinda Gates
    • Exchange of resources, ideas, expertise
    • Through this we were able to move ahead in the single sign on process

NDE Update: Freida
  • Jeremy, Valorie, Erin will be present via Zoom at SDA meeting. Everything is still 'up in the air' so they will not be able to share any information regarding final decisions as they have not been made.
  • It is unlikely any actions will be taken at the next State Board meeting.
  • Deb R. met with math cadre on the 22nd. Lenny will share updates at SDA.
  • Matt Huseman will share information about the CIP workshop and overview on the evaluation tool pilot.
  • Donlynn will talk grant dollars at ESUPDO- 42 districts will receive grant dollars. Priority schools will receive funding first.
    • Districts not receiving the grant can still attend for $50/person for two day training.
    • Grants due May 16 and May 20th districts will be told if they are receiving grant dollars.
  • Aprille will share AQuESTT information at ESU PDO
  • Russ will talk about Advisor at ESUPDO
  • CIP workshops are being finessed.
    • ASSIST will be used again next year.
    • 17-18 will use eProve- same standards but IEQ will take standards 3 and 5 and student achievement diagnostic and they will be under teaching and learning. Standards 1 and 2 will go with perceptual data into another set of standards with resources and support. the standards will be embedded in the 3 domains.
      • teaching and learning
      • leadership
      • resources and support
    • People leading reviews will receive additional support for next year and a new round of training will be provided the following year for eProve.
  • Statewide initiatives will remain consistent per meeting with ESU CC members.
  • EBA is being reviewed by psychometricians to consider reliability and validity.
  • As ESUs review district data they will want to consider how solid is the data.

April Training Evaluations: Kate

  • Both training sessions received strong evaluations
  • Agenda item at SDA:

NWEA Update: Julie

  • Webinar is Wednesday at 2:15
  • Kelly has left NWEA
  • Pat Reeder will facilitate the session
  • Cohort 3 is up and running
  • There is an opportunity for us to be certified on the formative assessment content. This would come at a cost/person for a full day workshop. Jenna is going to talk with her team about to make this a work as we as facilitators have a greater knowledge of the content.
  • Contract has been settled.
  • Nebraska aligned site will need further conversation.
  • May 17th meeting to discuss possibility to write an RFP to become the state test. Conversations occurring at a fairly high level.
  • NWEA will become a Strategist task. Next year NWEA will have a standing agenda item.
  • Fall Dates:
    • Sept. 29 @ ESU 10
    • Sept. 30 @ ESU 3
    • Oct. 3 @ ESU 13

Toby's Tiered Evaluation

Dave will talk with Karen Hasse about the copyright. This does not align with SDA mission and vision.
  • We believe that this would be a design and copy charge.
  • Several staff developers have shared concerns that their work that was contributed within buckets or SDA it is owned by SDA.
  • All other developed protocols/tools have identified that it is for the betterment of our group.
  • Next Steps
    • Dave will talk with Toby if/as he has time to find out more information in regard to this issue.
  • Freida talked with Donlynn about that as well after the AQuESTT conversation about the charge for printed copies.
  • Suzanne shared that the ESU6 person who creates the documents made the suggestion to create the copyright. She is not from education rather business so does not have an understanding.

2016-17 Book Study Recommendations

  • John Gordon books- Shark and the Goldfish
  • Who moved my Cheese
  • Better Conversation book list
  • Main Idea summaries- similar to Marshal Memo with PD planning included per topic.

  • One each meeting to discuss
    • Julie will send to Janet a few and then make a decision for next year

Finalize May SDA Business Meeting Agenda

SDA Agenda

June Strategist Meeting- Janet
Possible agenda items:
Bucket Group Updates
Bucket Group Assignments
NDE Updates-Freida
November Training Update
New Member Mentoring
NWEA Update
Crisis Team Update
Bylaw Review/Mission
Administrator Days Schedule
Sept. SDA Meeting Agenda
Blend Ed
Danielson Model Training

Suzanne unveil google site

Copyright as SDA

Other topics?

Notes for the April 4 meeting can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Strategist Meeting - Monday, April 4, 2016 (ESU 3)

4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:


Business Meeting Norms (see above)

Goal Setting Conversation with Jeff and Rhonda (Jeff on Site, Rhonda DL)
  • Where do we go from here?

Teacher/Principal Evaluation Report

MSP Grant Proposal-Deb

NDE Report-Freida

2016-17 AQuESTT Dates
  • Conflicting with reserved April SDA training dates

NWEA Update-Julie
  • Meetings scheduled for next year during Strategist meetings?

Final Preparations for ToT and Danielsen Trainings?

Discuss SDA May Meeting Agenda

SDA Retirements
  • Barb F. (Presented by Amy Hill)
  • Anyone else?



Strategist Meeting - Thursday, March 17, 2016 (via Zoom)

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Members Present: Kate, Janet, Dave, Scott, Denise, Deb, Julie, Aprille, Suzanne


Business Meeting Norms (see above)

ESUCC Update: Dave & Scott
  • iMat, TAG, DL had group discussions regarding the possibility of coordinating efforts of the affiliates
    • January 28 the 3 groups came to discuss coordination
    • 40% of staff are involved in 2 or more affiliates
    • Determined there is a need for a new affiliate (combination of iMat, TAG, DL) Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT)
    • The new affiliate (TLT) wants to follow a governance structure similar to the SDA structure
    • Dave would like 2 members of SDA to be involved in helping the group get started on their structure
      • Denise and Kate volunteered to meet with the new group
      • Possible April meeting date
    • Marcus Doss - Staff Development for Educator Effectiveness, University of Missouri
    • Look at survey data and share report with ESUCC
      • Suzanne will create a summary of the data to share with Dave and strategists
    • Schedule a meeting with Donlynn, April, Craig, Brian, Dave, Suzanne to review data (April 4th Meeting 4:00 - 7:00 at ESU
  • Update from Scott
    • 26 districts currently have single sign on. This has been driven by ADVISER
    • Hope to have 100 districts ready to go soon
      • Districts can customize the login page
    • ADVISER Update
      • 30 districts ready to go (PowerSchool Districts)
      • Early Adopter II Districts meeting set for April 18 (50 districts) at AQuESTT Conference
      • Come on board next fall
    • K12 Federation
      • National group
      • Started with work on Single Sign-On
      • Meeting with project leaders from other states
      • Studying a way to combine efforts on similar projects such as u-portal project
      • Dave, Scott, and Dean Folkers have been involved from NDE
      • Working on a grant to submit through the Gates Foundation
      • Beneficial to all affiliates

  • Summer Committee Work on LOR
    • Review products for LOR. Considering . . .
      • Learn 360
      • A new beta product from Amazon
      • ISLE product for the IlliniCloud
    • These cover all the features needed by the system
  • NDE Statewide Strategic Plan
    • About 16 to 18 months out from completion of the plan
    • Considering how ESUs can implement and support plan
    • 3 Statewide action plans in place for continuous improvement
      • Technology Plan
      • NDE Statewide Strategic Plan
      • Instructional Delivery Plan
  • Ashlock Training
    • 7 ESUs possibly interested
    • 50 schools may need training
    • The overall pricing depends on which professional developers need Series A
    • ESU 16 would take all Series A, B, and P and possibly M to aid schools
    • ESU 10 - Susan has had trainings and is secure with Series A
    • Statewide Training Definition: Affects all ESUs and Schools
      • If a training is statewide ESUCC would be the fiscal agent
      • Tier 2 Statewide Projects possibility
    • Recommendation is pay-to-play for ESUs that want to be involved
    • Dave will contact Larianne from ESU 7
  • April 2017 Trainings
    • PDO bringing in Jim Knight for January of 2017
      • January affiliates & cadres on January 17
      • Jim Knight January 18
    • Intent to continue to bring in national trainers that address the needs of all affiliate members
    • Keep April SDA training dates on the calendar
    • See how the fall TDA training goes to determine If follow-up is needed in April
    • Facilitation Training currently at 44 people (some are district people)
    • We need to look at the April dates every year and determine if there is a need for training
    • It was determined there was not a need to bring in an outside presenter for April, 2017

Bucket Groups - Review Bucket Group Suggestions and Next Steps
  • At May meeting possibly have Bucket Groups meet after NDE Updates to debrief. Questions for debriefing include:
    • What impact does the information we heard today have on our Bucket Group?
    • What impact does the information we heard today have on our future training needs?
      • What suggestions do we have for the November 2017 training?
      • What suggestions do we have for the January 2018 PDO meeting

NWEA Update - Julie
  • Jenna and Julie have had conversations about scheduling future webinars and trainings
  • Contract has gone out to Dave
    • It looks similar to last year's contract
      • No requirements on how many modules you need to remained trained in for next year
      • Last year $3800 per ESU for annual fee = $57,000
      • Currently taking $57,000 ($3800 x 15 participating ESUs) divided by number of certified trainers
      • ESUs get billed per trainer $1700
      • $2500 on-boarding fee per new participants
      • Flat rate should allow access to all training materials
      • The contract will be in the Master Service Agreement
    • New Cohort starting soon (8 people made up of ESUs and a school person from Columbus)
    • Primary Map Webinar link is available for viewing
    • New Student Profile Report - Creates a dashboard for each student
    • Suppose to have Nebraska Reports ready by July
    • Conversation between Dave, Matt, and Jenna on using MAP as statewide assessment to replace NeSA
      • MAP representatives are writing an RFP to send to the state
    • Jenna handles larger districts
    • Nancy Barber & Richard White handle smaller districts under 1000
    • Dave wants NWEA to be a part of our Strategists' Meetings possibly in the future
      • 30 minutes on the agenda, 4 times per year
      • 3 times a year might be a better option (e.g. June, December, March) with specific agenda items such as
        • Contract updates
        • New materials coming out
        • Send a list of needs that we would like them to address
    • Marci will work with NWEA for the 2016-2017 - Julie will update Marci on NWEA

Julie would be happy to stay on ESUPDO Planning Committee

Teacher/Principal Evaluation Survey Results: Suzanne

NDE Update: Aprille

Mission/Values: Kate
  • Review feedback from January meeting and determine next steps.
    • Vision Statement: Empowering educators, Enhancing learning, Enriching the future (approved Jan 19 2016)

      Mission Statement: The mission of the Staff Development Affiliate (SDA) is to impact learning through collaboration, leadership, and professionalism. (approved Jan 19 2016)

      Values and Beliefs
      • Collaboration – Collaboration through partnership instills cohesiveness and a sense of community within the affiliate.
      • Leadership – Leadership opportunities within the affiliate help empower and inspire members to build confidence and capacity. (approved Jan 19 2016)
      • Professionalism – Professionalism, reflected in affiliate words and actions, strengthens integrity and trust. (approved Jan 19 2016)

Google form feedback from the membership: 1) "partnership" is redundant with "collaboration", 2) "communication" is missing.

With this in mind, I composed the following draft, which I ran past Rhonda this morning and she asked that I share with you:
      • Collaboration Collaboration promotes meaningful and purposeful communication within the affiliate, instilling cohesiveness and a sense of community.
Please reply all with your insights regarding this proposal statement. Feel free to offer counter-proposals. Once we're ready, we can forward a new belief statement related to "collaboration" to the strategists for future consideration by the membership.
  • Jeff & Rhonda will attend the April Strategists' Meeting to share ideas for next steps
  • We want to be cautious about moving forward with goal setting and action planning until we know more about NDE's Strategic Plan and PDO's future plans

Recognition of Retirements and SDA members leaving. Kate will make notebooks.
  • Kate's assistant will be making the notebook for Emily. Emily is making notebooks for Barb and Mickey
  • Money for plaques comes from contributions from members
    • Barb F. - Amy Hill to present plaque (Deb Wragge alternative)
    • Emily J.-
    • Mickey C.
    • John Thomsen (plaque ?) (Notebook ?)
  • Remind people to bring cards for those leaving in the SDA May Meeting reminder email.

Consider taking notes using Google Drive on the ESUCC domain.
  • Deb, Julie, and Suzanne

Strategist Meeting - Monday, January 18, 2016

ESU 10 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Freida, Deb, Janet, Suzanne, Kate, Denise, Julie


Business Meeting Norms (see above) Reviewed norms.

Do you have a goal/resolution for the New Year? If so, what is it? - Shared goals for the new year.

Book Study-Shifting the Monkey-Suzanne - Engaged in book discussion.
Chapters 6, 7, and Epilogue

ESUCC Update: Dave
  • Lesson Map/Template Training presentation at ESUCC
  • Cost per person $770 for series of webinars
  • Those that are trained can only train in their service unit area
  • What determines the need for a statewide training supported by ESUCC?
  • Barb will provide strategists with information regarding details of the training
  • Teacher/Principal Evaluation Update - Where is our state in the process and where are we headed?
    • Donlynn will be sharing the latest information at the SDA meeting
    • Dave has asked if we would do a needs assessment regarding Teacher/Principal Evaluation
    • Possibly update the Google form Toby had us complete a few years ago regarding Models of Instruction (Suzanne will talk with Toby)
      • Have the director from each ESU complete the Google form
      • Share the information with Dave

NDE Update: Freida
  • State Board has contracted with a company to help create a strategic plan for the state
  • Conversation about EBA is ongoing

NWEA Survey Results--Julie
  • Julie shared survey results with strategists
  • She's going to work with Kelly to ensure technology is not an issue during webinar meetings (e.g. Zoom)
  • Is it possible for us to get training on MAP for Primary Grades and Skills Navigator
  • Remind Jenna to send us a courtesy email when she visits an ESU school
  • There is still a need for Nebraska aligned screenshots of reports and the Learning Continuum
  • Try to establish a May webinar with Kelly and possibly Jenna
  • Currently, we don't have enough for a 3rd cohort. 6 have expressed interest with only 2 replying to Doodle.

April Training Update--Janet
  • Contracts with both Danielson and facilitator trainers
TOPS Facilitation- April 5

  • $100 per person
  • Remind people to register for the training
  • Can open up to districts if needed
  • Set registration deadline for February 29th for SDA members

Danielson- April 6- Fee set at $200 but will decrease with increased participation
  • Janet sent information to SDA members regarding changes in training fee
  • 11 people replied they wanted the training
  • Open the training to school personnel
  • Janet will create a flyer to send to schools

Literacy Cadre TDA Update--Suzanne
  • Post things on common site to share with SDA members and schools
  • ESU 3 doing a TDA Trainer-of-Trainer
  • ESU 3 BlendED Team has created modules for secondary TDA and is working on elementary TDA

Budget Proposal Review

  • Recommend possible trainings for future ESUPDO
    • Examples
      • Jim Knight - Better Conversations
      • TOPS Facilitation training
  • Deb is working on updating the ESUPDO Google Calendar
  • Information can also be found on the ESUPDO website
  • The current 2-year calendar is on the wiki
  • Once the 2-year calendar is finalized Deb will share out calendar (March or April) with all affiliates

Finalize SDA Agenda

Strategist Meeting - Wednesday, December 16

Zoom 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Members Present: Kate Hatch, Julie Downing, Aprille Phillips, Janet Foss, Denise O'Brien, Suzanne Whisler, Deb Hericks

Business Meeting Norms (see above)

What are you doing to celebrate Christmas this year?

Book Study-Shifting the Monkey-Janet
Chapters 4-5

Book Study for January - Suzanne
Chapter 6, 7, and Epilogue

ESUCC Update--Dave

NDE Update--Aprille reporting for Freida
  • AQuESTT Classification Data has been released to schools
  • Schools can access reports to help them delve deeper into the results
  • At a later date, ESUs will have access to some reports
  • Shared AQuESTT.com site for resources. It is continued to be updated with resources schools can use
  • 3 priority schools have been named: Santee Middle School, Loup County Elementary, Omaha Elementary Druid Hill
    • Loup County is scheduled for a Framework CIP visit this year. No decision has been made yet in regards to holding the visit this year. Accreditation may be taken care of through the priority school process.
  • TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) is meeting this week to have an EBA Technical Report available soon and will be shared at January meeting
  • Equity Plan - Educational opportunities and equal access for all in regards to the 6 tenets of AQuESTT. This was approved by the department of education
  • Steering Committee met for the April 18-19, 2016 AQuESTT Conference to begin planning
  • ESSA has been signed into law. Goes into effect during the 2017-2018 school year.
    • Now have one accountability system
    • Will need to revise AQuESTT to meet the federal guidelines that will be coming out
    • AYP won't have much meaning during the transition year
    • Working to align AQuESTT with the new law
    • Don't need to worry about a waiver
    • One statewide accountability system
    • Teacher/Principal Evaluation systems still being encouraged but not tying evaluations to student assessments.

Nebraska Association for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment meeting Update--Kate
During the morning, the group discussed the following:
  • The new ELA standards and NeSA R test items
  • Keyboarding instruction
  • Every Student Succeeds Act
  • AQuESTT classification
    • Schools can access additional information and reports for AQuESTT through the portal
  • Next meeting scheduled for March
  • Some people were confused how scores were determined for buildings

Amy Trauernicht is doing a needs assessment for ESU 13 schools based upon EBA results.
State Board member Molly O'Halleran was coming in to speak to the group after lunch.

Review Cassie Erken's Workshop Evaluations
  • Evaluations were good
  • People appreciated her practical approach and presentation style
  • Helps to build our capacity
  • Russ & Tricia were going to have continued conversations with Cassie in regards to tracking student assessment through formative assessment
  • Difficult to promote statewide training materials. We need to meet our schools with where they are at.

April 2016 Update--Janet
  • Danielson 6 Day TOT- 58 people registered (22 SDA the rest from districts) 20 DL ing
    • Set up and DL information has been sent out.
  • Danielson 1 day SDA training 22 people registered
    • Janet will send out an email to registered participants letting them know the costs will be at least $200
    • We need to have at least 15 SDA members registered to hold the training
    • Will open up to school personnel
    • Send Deb the registration info for school personnel if they want to attend the training
    • Janet will draft an email to send schools to invite them to the training if it is being held

NWEA Needs Assessment-Julie
  • Finalize questions on survey.
  • New Cohort - Not sure if we will have enough people to participate in the cohort
  • Julie will create Google from and send out to members on January 4th Results by January 8th.
  • Julie will send out on ESUSDA listserve
  • Paying for school districts needs to be a part of the discussion next year
  • Need a one-page document that outlines exactly what people are paying for
  • Meeting set up with Jenna, Julie, David, and Kate on January 22 to discuss NWEA contract for 2016-2017 school year. Meeting will take place from 9:00 - 10:00
    • We need clarification on costs ($57,000 for ESUCC) Do we divide costs per trainer instead of per ESU?
    • Requirements to remain certified
    • Share survey results and report needs
    • 231 districts using NWEA
    • We're using materials to do data coaching
    • Put on strategists' agenda for January

We can attend ESUCC committee meetings. Check master calendar for dates and times. Deb can send Zoom link if you would like to participate.

Vision/Mission Proposal from Jeff and Rhonda
  • Jeff and Rhonda say that 30 minutes is sufficient.
  • Discuss the possibility of adopting Affiliate goals. This would be the next step in the Bernhardt process and could be beneficial in addressing our needs assessment process that was discussed in September. If so, when and how will this happen? Is this a role that the strategists feel would be best facilitated by them? Or do you see Rhonda and Jeff continuing this as an extension of the process that was started in Aug/Sep?
  • Mission/Vision Summary
  • Invite Rhonda & Jeff to zoom into the April Strategists' meeting to discuss their thoughts on goal setting with our organization

Review Bucket Survey Results-Suzanne
  • Survey Results
    • 30 people completed the survey
      • Assessment - 7
      • Instruction - 8
      • Leadership - 9
      • Curriculum - 2
      • Members not in a group - 4
      • 2 members would consider moving to another group
    • Does the goal of the Bucket Teams need to be revised? - Yes 12, No 18
    • Should we continue with Bucket Groups - Yes 20, No 11
      • Yes Results: 11 redefined and/or rename, 9 stay the same
    • Highlights
      • Review, refresh, and/or refocus the goal
      • Additional Bucket Teams? e.g. AQuESTT, MAP, NDE Statewide Initiatives
      • New members are not clear about the role or purpose of Bucket Teams
      • Size of teams - too big
      • More time for Bucket Teams at meetings
      • See comments regarding formal needs assessment (data to identify SDA PD needs)
      • Working, planning, and/or developing materials to use with our schools
      • Curriculum and Instruction seem to be very close in their focus. Should they be combined?
      • PLC format, collaboration to develop modules based on the training sessions we have completed. Professional training should be based on SDA established goals
      • Is there a need to develop an Early Childhood Bucket Group
In January
  • Share survey results - Suzanne & Kate
  • Refocus the purpose of the group
  • Do we need additional groups?
  • Do members want to switch?
  • Invite new members to join a group
  • Guiding question to discuss in groups- How do our bucket discussions and recommendations align with the new mission and vision of our organization?
  • Change name to Advisory Groups
  • How can BlendEd be integrated into the Buckets?
    • Thoughts - We need to ensure we have a way for all participants to participate in groups. (Equity in participation)

2016-2017 Trainings
  • November 2016: Text Dependent Analysis (November 9 and 10)
    • Anita Archer--$3500 per day plus expenses
      • At ESU 3
      • Day 1 K-5/6 Elementary
      • Day 2 6/7-12 Secondary
      • Costs of food only
      • Max is 78
    • Sue Beers - approximately $3500 per day
    • Doug Fisher--$8500 per day, books 14-18 months in advance
    • Kristin Anderson ? (Doug Fisher's recommendation) - $4000
  • Proposal Need
    • We need a description of the training
    • Approximate costs of materials
    • Estimate airfare, hotel expenses
    • Check to see if Anita will include all expenses in a slightly higher fee
    • Suzanne create a paragraph to describe the training. Coming from the Instruction Bucket. Support statewide effort. How it aligns to statewide initiatives? Teacher/Principal Evaluation (Instructional Model) SLDS/Data Cadre Initiative (Assessment)
  • Do we continue with April trainings with AQuESTT and NETA?
  • Can ESUPDO bring in a relative training in September or January? - Julie bring to ESUPDO Planning Committee
  • April 2017: Leadership Building Capacity of Teachers (April 11 and 12)
  • July 2016: Literacy Cadre share TDA work (July 26)
    • 1-2 Hour Share Session a possibility (Tricia & Erin a possibility)
    • Literacy Cadre members
    • NDE Representatives

New Strategist Nominations
  • Discussion on nominations was held

2017-2018 Calendar Development
  • ESUPDO September 12-13, 2017 at ESU 3
  • Strategists' Meeting September 13, 2017 at ESU 3
  • SDA Meeting September 14, 2017
  • Strategists' Meeting November 7, 2017 at ESU 3
  • November 8-9, 2017 SDA Training at ESU 3 (TDA with Anita Archer, November 8 - Elem. November 9 - Sec.
  • Strategists' Meeting December 13, 2017 (Zoom)
  • Strategists' Meeting January 15, 2018
  • SDA Meeting January 16, 2018 Meeting ESU 10 Kearney
  • ESUPDO January 17-18 201 ESU 10 Kearney
  • Strategists' Meeting March 14, 2018 (Zoom)
  • Strategists' Meeting April 9, 2018 possibly Zoom
  • Possible SDA Training April 10-11, 2018
  • Strategists' Meeting May 7, 2018 at ESU 10, Kearney
  • SDA Meeting May 8, 2018 at ESU 10, Kearney
  • ESUPDO May 9-10, 2018 at ESU 10, Kearney
  • PDO Celebration May 9, 2018 Kearney

Finalize January SDA meeting (Strategists Meeting ESU 10, Room A 4:30)
  • 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • ESUCC Update-Dave
  • NDE Update-Freida
    • Equity Grant Information and how it ties to AQuESTT
    • ESSA: What Does It Mean for Our State
    • Latest information on EBA Reports
  • Danielsen Training Options-Janet
  • Results Driven Accountability-ESPD Members (30 minutes) 10:30
  • SDA Vision/Mission Follow-up-Jeff and Rhonda (30 minutes)
  • Discussion regarding future of April Trainings
  • Cadre Updates
    • Science - Deb Paulman
    • Math- Marci O.
    • Literacy - Suzanne
  • NWEA Update - Julie
  • Eileen - Executive Leadership Program Learning Opportunity from Learning Forward Nebraska
  • Bucket Teams
    • Discuss Bucket survey results
    • Review current purpose and plan SDA opportunities

Request by Eileen to present at the January SDA meeting

I am sending this to you both as I know you are strategists in hopes that you can get it to the correct hands in planning the January meeting.

I am on the board of Learning Forward Nebraska (along with Rhonda Jindra, Jeff McQuistan, and Julee Sauer) and would love to share information with our SDA group in January about a great program that the national organization is making available to its State Affiliates.

We are wondering if Learning Forward Nebraska would be able to share this information with the SDA affiliate at the January business meeting as an informational item and to see if this would be something that the SDA members would like to pursue within the group or perhaps within their schools.

Here is a run down of information….
The Executive Leadership Program through Learning Forward (formerly NSDC) is a series of 3 face to face trainings focused on the 7 standards of Professional Learning, webinars facilitated by Joellen Killion focused on leadership, implementation, and follow through, and communities of practice to support and assist each other in working through issues within the professional learning realm in their system.

ELP focuses on the change process, (leading the change, implementing the change and sustaining the change) within a variety of learning systems.

Currently a group of 14 teacher leaders, district staff developers , and ESU staff developers are working through the Exec. Leadership program as a pilot sponsored by Waverly and Learning Forward Nebraska. Scott Blum-Wavery CIA (President - elect of Learning Forward Nebraska) and Eileen Barks-ESU 2 (Sec/treas of LF Nebraska) are co-facilitating the program. There was no cost (sans travels and subs if needed) to participate in the program this year.

I would love to share this information on behalf of Learning Forward Nebraska to see if this is an opportunity that our members would like to participate in at their ESUs or within a district. ESU 2 is talking about utilizing this format to grow administrators, district personnel and teacher leaders.

Let me know if this can be done at the SDA meeting in January….

Best Regards,

Strategist Meeting - Monday, November 10

Embassy Suites Lobby-LaVista 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:
Suzanne Whisler
Janet Foss
Denise O'Brien
Kate Hatch
Freida Lange
Dave Ludwig
Julie Downing and Kraig Lofquist attending via DL.

Business Meeting Norms (see above)

Book Study: Shifting the Monkey
  • Chapters 1-3, Denise led the discussion.
  • Reflection Questions:
    • How do we protect our "good people" at our service units, schools, and SDA?
      • What can we do to become better leaders?
    • What type of leader are you, Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3?
      • How do we become Tier 3 leaders for our service units, schools, and SDA?
    • Pg. 26 "As a manager, you may shy away from asking your customers how things are going because you don't want to risk taking on more monkeys"
      • How do we utilize our SDA colleagues and shift the monkey to involve more members? (i.e. Bucket groups, committees, etc.)
  • December 16th Meeting: Chapters 4-5, Janet will be the leader.

  • Updates: Freida
    • NDE is totally immersed in AQuESTT
    • Timely communication is a key priority in order to keep everyone at all levels informed
    • November 1, 2015, all EBAs and assurances needed to be turned into NDE
    • NDE is trying to narrow all of the information in order to classify schools and identify priority schools
    • Schools will know their classification by the December 3-4, 2015 State Board meeting
    • An NDE team will be visiting schools that may be classified as priority schools to see which schools are most open to receiving assistance before identifying 3 priority schools
    • AdvancED ASSIST Tools may be used to help schools
    • Working with priority schools is an opportunity to create something that is different to support schools
    • Announcement of classification of schools will be made at December State Board meeting
    • The goal is to build capacity and enhance systems of support
    • Valorie Foy - ELA Transition Workshops have been focusing on TDA. Valorie is wondering how to best prepare students and support teachers
      • Nebraska Literacy Cadre is working on developing training materials at all levels during their December and March meetings
      • ESU 3 is designing modules for secondary teachers with a focus on cross-walking SS & Reading Standards
      • ESU 11 is working with area PLCs on TDA
      • NY Engage - Common Core Related website with excellent resources around close reads
      • ReadWorks.org is an excellent site with texts and text-dependent questions
      • ESU 4 is hosting a Literacy Cadre meeting on January 13. Valorie, Jeremy, and Erin Kunkle will be attending the meeting
    • Rule 18 - 20 programs in place around the state, SDA members have been working with some of these programs, i3 Development Grant if, awarded, will help support the programs. NDE will continue working with these programs in order to support students
  • Curriculum Cadres: Cory Epler
    • Katapult Webinars are in place.There are some on close reading strategies
    • RAFT is next followed by Making it Stick
    • Content Area Cadres
      • What are the roles?
      • What are the challenges?
      • How can we maximize the benefits of the cadres and partnerships between NDE?
      • NDE Staff has put together a survey to send to ESU staff to determine future needs and wants, and gather information
      • Work on identifying contacts at NDE and ESUs
      • Dave Ludwig will send out survey to ESU administrators, SDA, TAG, and IMAT
      • Science Standards revision is on track for the fall

ESPD RDA Presentation Request
  • Ellen, Kris, Laura, and Brenda
  • January SDA Meeting
  • RDA & School Improvement, MTSS
  • 30 minutes ?

Potential collaborative effort between NASCD and Learning Forward-Jen Madison
  • These groups are thinking about getting together from time to time and they would like to get a sense of whether or not SDA wants to be at the table if they do meet.
  • This idea is in the beginning stages so there is not much information other than this.
  • Contact Jen to let her know we are interested. We'll move forward as more information is brought to us.
  • SDA members that are also members of these organizations could report out at meetings.
  • We should include staff members that attend Curriculum Directors' meetings as well

SDA Vision/Mission Process
  • 30-minute follow-up in January with Jeff and Rhonda

  • Google Form to gather NWEA information
  • Members must complete by Nov. 25th
  • Purpose is to determine needs of SDA members
  • Create a Google doc to start drafting questions to share with SDA members (Julie create doc)
  • At December Strategists meeting, we will finalize questions that will be sent to members on December 18 via Google form

Finalize Assessment Literacy Workshop
  • Everything is ready to go
  • Handouts will be posted on the ESUSDA wiki
  • ESU 13 will be joining via DL
  • Deb will handle the DL connection
  • Start time tomorrow is 9:00

Discuss April Workshops
  • If many SDA members participate in TOT, we will we have enough participation for the Danielson Training in April
  • Registration has been sent out for Danielson TOT. 23 people are currently registered.
  • What is the cancelation policy for the April Danielson training? Janet will follow up on this.
  • Do we need to get input from our SDA members to determine if we should still hold the Danielson April training?
  • At January SDA meeting determine the need for April Danielson training?
  • Consider 2 days of facilitation training - Janet will contact presenters to see if they can hold the Danielson day if needed. She'll determine how this might affect the costs of the training.
Bucket Groups
  • Identify current needs for budget
    • Curriculum Bucket Suggestions:
      • With the changes in the ELA- Are the trainings with NDE going to give us what we need to support schools for Text Dependent Analysis and supporting answers with evidence? I know we probably cannot afford Fischer and Frey- but maybe we can even have time together to develop the trainings or to work from a common resource.
      • TDA Workshop
    • Leadership Bucket Suggestions:
    • The Leadership Bucket's action plan focus is to "Assist principals in becoming instructional leaders in order to build the capacity of teachers." We would like to suggestion bringing in Dr. Robyn Jackson ($7500) or Dr. Pete Hall (ASCD author/presenter, $5500) to work with principals on growing teachers through effective feedback.
    • Could this be a collaborative projective with NDE?
    • Jim Knight has new book out Better Conversations
  • Instruction Bucket Group - ELA Transition
  • May meeting possibly continue NE Literacy Cadre work
  • November 9-10, 2016 Training Needs: Two-day training on TDA (Sue Beers, Anita Archer,)
    • Janet & Suzanne check with Sue and Anita
    • Get costs of presenters
  • April 11-12, 2017 Training Needs (Double-Check Dates)
    • Pay to play
    • Possibly Dr. Robyn Jackson or Dr. Pete Hall
    • Suzanne will check with presenters on dates and costs
  • Define purpose and goals of Bucket Teams at January SDA meeting
  • Discuss request from Beth Kabes for BlendED Learning Committee members to be a part of our Buckets in order to integrate BlendED Learning
  • Send Bucket Team survey to SDA members to get input on how to move forward with Bucket Team - Suzanne
  • Discuss survey results at December Strategists meeting
  • Do we want to bring in Schmoker for PDO (Mirage Report)?

PDO Celebration
  • Retired members only
  • Should be a function of PDO
  • Discussion for PDO planning group

Update from Dave
  • EAP Adviser Update
    • 9 Pilot schools are staging data currently
    • EAP Process bring in Pilot schools to share information - What Worked, Tips, etc...
    • 100 more schools in 2016-2017
    • 2017-2018 full state-wide roll-out
  • Math Grant Fall Math Conference
    • Only 50 registered
    • Large cash carryover from the grant $190,000 (to be spent by September)
    • Math representatives from each ESU will be asked to provide feedback on spending the remaining grant money
  • Begin thinking about calendar development
    • Plan for 2017-2018
    • Be approved in March
    • Get locations for next year and the following year as well
  • i3 Grant
    • Connect all agencies that involve students
    • Looks promising
    • ESUCC will know in December if they are awarded the grant
  • January PDO will be 2 days
    • Sessions for members to attend

Strategist Meeting-Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ESU 3 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:
Kate Hatch
Janet Foss
Julie Downing
Denise O'Brien
Aprille Phillips
Deb Herricks
Suzanne Whisler

Business Meeting Norms (see above)
  • The norms for our meeting this year will remain the same.

Book Study: Shifting the Monkey
Discussion schedule:
  • November 10: Chapter 1 - 3, Denise
  • December 16 Chapters 4-5, Janet
  • January 18: Chapter 6 -7, & Epilogue, Suzanne

Early Adopter Program
  • Purposeful efforts when it comes to implementation of ADVISER
  • A smaller group may need to develop training materials made up from NDE & ESU staff to support districts
  • Identify the purpose of ADVISER
  • People need to understand the Why, What, & How

New MAP Trainer Cohort
  • Currently, we have 9 people interested
  • Let Deb know if there are school personnel from your ESU interested in being trained
  • We'll start a new cohort in the spring
  • Need to keep communicating our needs to NWEA e.g. a Learning Continuum aligned to NE Standards
  • Skills Navigator $4 per student with a minimum of 150 licenses in addition to the $12.50 per student fee
  • One year contract so we have time to document our needs
  • We need to make a list of what are needs are and why so we can begin communicating this to NWEA. Involve all members
  • Create a Google form to send to members prior to January's ESU meeting to determine members' needs
  • Create the form at our November Strategists meeting. Members complete the form by November 20

ESUCC Update: Dave
  • Sharing information about ESUs with state legislatures
  • Decrease in core funding since 2011
  • We've been at a 0% increase in funds
  • How do we get the word out for a need of funding
  • A lobbyist has been hired to help our cause (Kirk Brown)
  • Created a brochure to help educate people about ESUs
  • Creating other tools to help tell the story of our 50-year celebration (Dave is working with Matt on this as well as a committee of people from across the state)
  • Creating general talking point to share with ESU administrators and staff
  • Keep a positive approach and remind people how far we've come over the past few years

NDE Update: Freida via Aprille
  • AQuESTT Training October 7 at ESU 3 and October 8 at North Platte
  • Share questions or concerns you are hearing from your districts with Sue and Aprille
  • Working on creating a visual with how statewide initiatives align or intersect with the AQueSTT tenets (3-D Model)
  • Aprille and Dave would like input on the model development
  • CIP Workshop Registration will be sent to ESUs
  • Remind districts that are attending to bring Bernhardt book
  • Suggested NDE departments consider holding four days on the calendar for statewide training opportunities

PDO Debrief:
  • Most people appreciated the extra time the unconference format provided and the opportunity to hold meetings
  • Some people were frustrated with the unstructured format of the unconference
  • NDE guest speakers at PDO was positive

November Training-Kate & Janet

  • Kate will touch base with Cassie
  • At this point, recording is not an option
  • Registration due by September 30. Room can hold 78
  • Kate will send registration information out to all affiliates
  • We need to determine how many spaces are open by end of September to see how many school personnel from each ESU may be invited to the training
  • Room set up in islands

April Trainings - Janet
1. The ToP facilitation training is a 2-day workshop so she will customize what to include based on our needs/request to fit into one day.
  • Deb and John will be the trainers
  • We need to send a survey to members to determine the focus for the one-day training
  • Cost is $4000. Charge $100 per person to cover the costs of food and materials. $125 for outside people. If there is revenue leftover, Dave will let us know so we can make adjustments for the following year.
  • Need to charge DL people if facilitators okay DL
  • 8:30 - 4:00
  • Registration link is up
2. Content can include; tips and techniques of facilitation, working with challenging groups, how to be inclusive of all, purposeful dialog, keeping people on task, focused conversation, other
3. We can send out a survey to participants to gather information on needs, have a strategist conversation to determine content, attend the 2-day session in Lincoln in July and pick and choose. Deb will design based on our input. ( See link below. I think I may attend this.)
4. If we have more than 40 persons attend the training we will need two trainers. We will be maxed at 78 participants: Cost $4000. She will not charge expenses if we need two trainers. Do we want to open this to other affiliate groups?
5. Their normal sessions run 8-5, but it may be shortened as we have lunch in house or we can shorter the length but will receive less content.
6. Deb is working with ESU 1 this summer with their district leadership teams.

Danielson- April 6th with Sue Presler
  • Contract ready to go
  • One-day overview of Danielson Model
  • $2500 per day. 40 participants minimum. Determine fee per person once we know if participants need books. Right now set at $100 but may be able to drop it.
  • The training is open to school personnel
  • Janet will find out if participants need one of the books
  • 8:30 - 3:30
  • Registration link is up
8:30-3:30 with breakfast and lunch served.

This is a one-day session that provides an understanding of the structure, architecture, and vocabulary of the Danielson Framework for Teaching. Participants develop awareness of the different levels of performance and how to use the rubrics to analyze teaching practice. Special emphasis is placed on Domains 2 and 3.

Susan K Presler
2641 N. 113th St.
Omaha, NE 68164

Fee: $2500

Danielson TOT Update - Janet

Danielson TOT Opportunity Update
  • ESU 3 is committed to the Danielson Framework TOT
  • ESU 7 is unsure at this time
  • ESU 3 has held rooms for the training
  • The fee will depend on numbers
  • Janet will share information tomorrow to the whole group to get feedback from SDA members on dates and how many people can attend
    • Will there be DL
    • What will happen if I can attend only 5 days of the training
  • May charge $600 - 800 per person for the 6-day training (includes food)
    • Marzano Training TOT in February was $500
  • If it doesn't go this year, we can try to set dates for next year

SDA Bylaws Review
Recommendations made by Bylaw Review Committee:
  • Either Jeff or Denise will lead the conversation
  • Need to honor committee and the work they accomplished
  • Motion, Second, and vote (2/3 majority of members present)

Amendment Proposals:

Finalize SDA Agenda (see SDA Wiki)
  • Kate has opening ready
  • People bingo
  • Dave & Scott will give an ESUCC update and review the structure with the group
  • Introduce new members and welcome them to our organization
  • Courtesy fund currently has $122
    • Kate will pass it off to Janet
    • Recommend asking $10 per person for the fund
  • Denise & Jeff will discuss the bylaw changes
  • Julie PDO Debrief
  • Jeff & Rhonda Mission & Revision process
  • Review November workshop with Cassie
  • Suzanne Marzano Update
  • Janet Danielson Update
  • Julie NWEA Update
  • Bucket Group Conversations/Feedback
  • Lunch is at 11:30 (45 minutes)
  • NDE Updates
  • Beth BlendED Update
Update 2015-16 Trainings on SDA Wiki

Other items?

Strategist Meeting- Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mac's Creek, Lexington, NE 8:30 am-3:00 pm

Members present: Frieda, Denise, Kate, Julie, Deb, Russ, Janet, Matt, Suzanne (via zoom), Dave (via zoom)

8:30 am Summer Fun
  • Share one activity/event that you are looking forward to this summer.

Business Meeting Norms (see above)

  • Additions/Deletions

Book Study to begin in September- Shifting the Monkey

Early Adopter Program-Dave, Matt Hastings, Russ Masco & Brent Gaswick

Process for statewide roll out of ADVISER dashboard (August work start up)
  • 2012 SLDS Grant received to design data dashboard as place where teachers can go to get information on students
    • Dashboard is quick display of key performance indicators (KPI)
    • 9 pilot districts- dashboard design and solving technical challenges
    • Real time, limited data and information to upload via coordination with the student information systems (ie; PowerSchool)
    • Pilot districts will validate the feasibility for using the system for year end reporting
    • API process will provide flow of data exchange
  • Use of the system is voluntary by each district
  • Information to be shared with all interested Tuesday before Admin Days

EAP (early adopter program)
  • 30 additional districts have signed up for use of the dashboard
  • Process has been created to 'hook them up' into the new system called onboarding- will take a year
  • Dashboard will reside on ESU CC Cloud- single sign on

  • Statewide rollout- all districts connected within 3 years (NSSRS will be eliminated)
  • Management to support this via coordination with NDE
    • Draft is created- checklists and process that will be followed
    • Intent is to bring the ESUs along in learning and leading
  • onboarding work is done with contact at the ESU- trouble shooting and regular support and follow up as we work to refine the onboarding process
  • Goal to create a guiding document to streamline the onboarding process
  • Onboarding process
    • Identify resources- who is the lead data steward, curriculum director, other
    • Understand the tool
    • PD support as to how to use the system to refine instructional practices
    • Districts report back to ESU support on regular intervals. ESU shares with NDE and work collaboratively to resolve the issues.
    • NDE then will provide the revisions to the process and help to districts to resolve issues
    • https://sites.google.com/a/education.ne.gov/adviser-early-adopter-program/adviser-eap-overview
    • Infinite campus, Power School, SIMS- users
    • ESU Skill set- lead a district through the process (coach), some tech support (not deep tech support- provided by NDE)
    • Concern voiced about the man-power at the ESUs to support this
      • Can NDE provide more direct support to districts within the ESU systems- regional meetings

ESUCC Update- Dave, Scott, and/or Deb

  • Contract prices have been negotiated for all statewide buy with training and support LMS
      • Schoology
      • Campus
      • Canvas
      • Blackboard/Angel
      • Moodle
  • When contracts are signed information will be sent to all districts and process for purchase
  • How can we and where do we move our SDA products on Angel? Dave will talk to Scott? Deb will ask Debbie Schraeder to save the materials and hold them until we find a spot to house for statewide use

  • Districts can continue to use Safari but they will not receive support statewide
  • Code writing
  • Connect servers to statewide LORE
  • Content MOU to be developed and signed
    • What content decided by December

Google Summit- NCSA collaborative
  • $40000- TAG has generated a plan that was presented to committee with recommendation to establish a Blended Learning Pilot
  • ESU Staff on board with how this will look and then get schools to participate the following year
  • 5 phase plan- for statewide implementation
    • Establish Vision for ESU
    • Administrative support- pilot schools established
    • Getting the ball rolling- regional workshops for teachers and admin
    • Continuing Momentum- regional and pilot schools
    • Expanding- Fall ed tech and expand statewide

  • New company for sourcing and procurement for coop
  • Coop staff training early fall

SDA Requests
  • Kelly Clapp: Regular Perkins/Cadre meeting time during SDA meetings or PDO
  • Jeff McQuistan: Additional Collaboration time at SDA and ask for NDE updates to occur during ESUPDO CC
    • These ideas are positive considerations
    • We cannot make decisions for ESUCC so this idea will be brought to the team to draft a schedule to consider options
    • If NDE is moved to ESUCC could cadre meetings occur during SDA
    • Try to implement in January or the following year
  • Barb Friesth: Jennifer Ashlock Lesson Map Training
    • This was investigated at Literacy Cadre. We were unable to proceed because of scheduling demands by Ashlock
    • Anyone can join other cadres for this training
    • We will not move forward with this
    • This is not a statewide initiative but rather a regional request
    • Suzanne will talk with Barb about the decisions made
  • Kate will talk with Jeff and Kelly about meeting conversation

How should requests be made for training

NDE Update- Freida
  • Administrator Days Schedule- currently making plans to establish the final schedule
    • AQuESST- you are part of something broader, bolder, better
    • July 28- Activities and time regarding content to be shared out at a later date. Frieda will set this and we will communicate with our members.
  • Jolene Palmer- Standard Response Protocols-
    • Training to be developed and shared
    • SDA needs timeline so we can plan for Crisis Response Regional Training- This could replace Dudley trainings
    • Suicide training available in August
  • June 1 effective
    • Director for Teacher/Principal Eval: Donlynn
    • Curriculum: Cory Eppler- Phd in Ed Leadership
    • Kate will share this information with SDA this summer

May SDA Meeting Debrief
  • Is there a need for a facilitation training- April 5

    • April 5 training date- We have no budget so this would be a pay to participate
    • Janet will contact Deb from ToP to establish training
    • Janet will create a flyer for this event, reserve rooms at ESU 3- share in September
    • As soon as we get the contract we will set up registration
    • Bill ESUs
  • Follow-up training with Beth on BlendED?
    • Pilot for Blend Ed may meet additional needs as we continue to move ahead with this work
  • Danielson Training Interest April 6
    • Janet will talk with Sue about Danielson Overview as a one day training in April- This will be a charge per person
    • ESUs 7, 11, 16,10?, 13, may be interested in establishing a Danielson Academy (5 day TOT)
      • TOT training is for SDA or district persons- overview
      • September SDA meeting: Identify Danielson Academy Trainers to coordinate and they have the conversations/planning and future planning with Sue

Bucket Updates
  • Assessment/Curriculum: Kate & Julie & Denise
  • November 11 & 12 SDA Training Update
    • Kate shared flyer and it looks great.
    • Deb will set up registration link
    • Kate will send to SDA in June
      • Amy and Kate conferenced with Cassie to discuss the itinerary details for the 2-day training. A flyer will be created, sent to Bucket Committee Members for approval in July, and then distributed to SDA and PDO membership.
      • Cassie has given consent to record the training. Janet, coordinate that with ESU 3 personnel
      • Cassie will provide handouts two weeks prior to the workshop. Deb, is that enough time to make copies for everyone?

  • Instruction- Janet
    • Janet and Suzanne bucket groups met together to discuss collaboration
    • There are several unknowns and we cannot make any decisions regarding where we will go

  • Leadership- Suzanne
    • Training for providing feedback to principals has been tabled because of unknowns

  • Change in Bucket Assignments?

1:00 NWEA Zoom Meeting with Kelly Tisdale

  • Meeting Notes
    • Shared concerns and issues:
      • need to continue and costs for training as we have built capacity and schools are pretty well versed in use of MAP
      • need to report training to NWEA because training sessions are so varied and usually quite short per requests
      • teachers have access to Destination PD- expect a decline requests for training
      • Adobe connect /training sessions have not been as useful as hoped
      • Mock training materials don't match NE standards
      • ESU 13 area request for face to face regional trainers
      • Cost compared to other trainings
    • Susan K.
      • Regional training is difficult because of budget restrictions and they must have 40-50 participants
        • Julie's suggestion for stronger communication, same time frame as statewide meetings, webinars are okay
        • If we don't have regional meetings the information is sent out to partners
        • Most likely will only be able to offer two sessions in NE next year
        • Destination PD is not comparable to face to face training
        • New schools coming on must take MAP Administration ($1000) and Applying Reports ($3500) at a charge to the district.
    • Kelly
        • Pleased that our schools have internal capacity to work through MAP
        • Costs have raised- but it is necessary to cover their costs
        • Do we believe the certified trainer is no longer needed ? If so, current facilitators will not be kept up to date on any new additions/changes, districts will now need to pay $3500 for training sessions from NWEA
        • Work to improve quarterly webinars- focused with an agenda plus the Q and A
        • Facilitator Fees- $500/session/trainer-- trainers can be certified in just one area
        • $12000 for the overall involvement with NWEA plus cost per certification
          • If you drop certification- you have no access to site of materials, updates and use of applying reports materials, you will have the knowledge but can't use their materials
        • Evaluation of participants is a quality assurance check
        • Submission of workshop completed- opportunity to give feedback to NWEA and notation of NWEA content being shared within each district

      • Request made to have materials available to us for training that are Nebraska specific
        • This will be taken back to NWEA
      • If anyone is not receiving the emails/updates contact Susan
        • Company sponsored webinars for big changes- recorded in the main NWEA website
    • NDE is working toward getting statewide data from NWEA for data dashboard

  • Update-Suzanne
  • NE Certified MAP trainer meeting: Sept. 17th, 2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Janet and Deb: Can you coordinate DL connections for this meeting?

New Member Mentoring-Suzanne & Julie
  • Suzanne and Julie will head this
    • Who needs the mind set book
    • Generate the email to invite mentors and introduce mentor/mentee
  • New Members: Mickey Carlson (ESU 7), Kristen Slechta (ESU 9), Amy Trauernicht (ESU 13), Amy Richards-Early Learning Coordinator and Alison Smith (ESU 16), Julee Sauer (ESU 3), Christine Qualman (ESU 3)
    • ESU 2- Caryn Zietlow- currently elementary principal in North Bend. Strong background in elementary reading - Amy Hill
      ESU 3-
      Christine Qualman- Bellevue Instructional Coach (As part of her role at ESU 3 is data specialist, I'd like to pair her with someone from the Data cadre-- Maybe Rhonda?) Rhonda
    • Julee Sauer- Director PD at ESU 3 -- Jeff McQuitan
      ESU 7- Mickey Carlson- currently West Point Public School CIA director/technology integration; reading/writing background as a secondary language arts teacher- Jen Madison
      ESU 9- Kristen Slechta- middle school science; Jackie Ediger-- Kelly Clapp
      ESU 13- Amy Trauernicht- Curriculum Director for past 10 years; expertise are school improvement, math, and assessment- Susan Evans
      ESU 16- Alison Smith-Former 4th grade teacher, her areas of expertise are math, writing, instructional technology (will be graduating with her masters in IT soon)- Debbie Schrader

  • Recommendations for mentor matches?
    • Check if these individuals have the Mindset book

    • Lunch together SDA meeting Sept. 17.

Crisis Team Update- Denise & Janet
  • Registration open for all sessions. Marci will facilitate the workshops in Columbus
  • We are in need of a Northern team members --Denise will ask Stephanie

Bylaws Quick Review

  • Kate will ask Jeff M. to establish a committee to review and revise- Denise will assist
  • Review Article III- Meetings of Members
  • Review Article IV- Strategists Roles
    • ESUPDO Planning Committee- SDA Representative
      • Propose to Dave that Strategists have 1 representative on this committee. (Strategist 2 --Julie D.)
      • Discussion topic: NDE updates for all PDO members, not just during SDA meeting?
  • Article 1 needs to be reviewed (when and who leads?)

July 28 2015
  • ESU 10
  • 1:00-5:00 p.m. June 28

July 28 NDE Administrators' Days Preview 5-7pm ESU 10

  • Additional time for Matt Hastings to share Early Adopter
  • Data training time to be set
July 29 Admin Day
  • 8:30 keynote

List Serve Update-Deb
  • Deb will talk with ESU 10 for support to update
  • This will be sent for us to review and update request at Sept. SDA
  • Janet needs access to list serve

September SDA Meeting Agenda
  • 8:30-2:30
  • Suggestions for welcome activity?
    • Find Someone Who has a Super Powers in Data, Math, Assessment etc.
  • Theme: SD Avengers

  • Agenda: Order will change
  • SDA Membership info update
  • Dave PDO structure- training protocol requests, ESU CC update- Blended Learning Pilot update
  • NDE updates
  • NWEA update

  • Debrief PDO events- Julie
  • SDA wiki
  • Bylaws changes
    • Mission and Vision review and revise- Request Jeff and Rhonda to share
  • Future calendar
  • Cassie Erkens workshop Nov. 11 & 12- Kate
  • Facilitation Workshop- Janet
  • Danielson Workshop- Janet
  • Danielson TOT committee- Janet
  • MRL academy update- Suzanne
  • Crisis Team update- Denise
  • Science and Math updates- Deb and Debbie
  • Strategist meeting report- Suzanne Summer and evening meeting
  • ELA standards updates
  • Mike Delany update- suggestion to move to ESU PDO CC day in September yearly
  • Frieda updates
  • Deb Romoneck - Math updates
  • Cory Eppler
  • Valerie Foy
  • Share information about Lowest performing schools general info
  • Bucket restructuring-AQuESTT ? Are they meeting our needs? Do we create a survey?

  • 2:30-3:00 NWEA conference call

Other Topics?

Next meeting
Sept. 16 upon conclusion of PDO
We will go out to dinner afterward

Sept. SDA Meeting Agenda
Blend Ed
Danielson Model Training
Monday, November 10: ESU 3, 4-7pmhttp://www.jibjab.com/view/VMt7NzHDSZq36dOfQZpoMQ
Teacher/Principal Evaluation Survey Results: Suzanne

  • Survey Results
  • Suzanne will create a summary of the collected dataTeacher/Principal Evaluation Survey Results: Suzanne

  • Jeff & Rhonda will attend the April Strategists' Meeting to share their ideas for next steps
  • Be cautious about moving forward with goal setting and action planning until we know more about NDE's Strategic Plan and PDO's future plans

Google form feedback from the membership: 1) "partnership" is redundant with "collaboration", 2) "communication" is missing.

With this in mind, I composed the following draft, which I ran past Rhonda this morning and she asked that I share with you:

  • How do the discussions in your group align with the vision/mission of SDA?
  • How does your Bucket Group support the AQuESTT Tenents?
  • What training might be necessary for our SDA group in order to support the tenents?

Strategist Meeting - Monday, April 4, 2016 (ESU 3)

4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Members Present: Kate Hatch, Janet Foss, Suzanne Whisler, Julie Downing, Jeff McQuisten, Rhonda Jindra, David Ludwig

Business Meeting Norms (see above)
Goal Setting Conversation with Jeff and Rhonda (Jeff on Site, Rhonda DL)
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Need to vote on final approval of the Mission statement in May
  • Keep reviewing the Mission/Vision/Beliefs at each meeting
  • Bucket groups provide a vehicle for suggesting SDA trainings that support statewide initiatives
  • Provide guiding questions for Bucket groups after NDE updates starting next fall
  • May have Bucket groups reflect and identify what members are currently doing that leads to collaboration, leadership, and professionalism (provides data for Strategists’ Retreat) as well as vision statements.
    • Engage in table conversation first to brainstorm ideas as an affiliate group
    • Utilize Google forms to collect information around Vision and Mission

Teacher/Principal Evaluation Report
  • Where do we go from here?
  • SDA Instructional Model Survey Results.pdf
    SDA Instructional Model Survey Results.pdf
  • SDA Instructional Model Survey Results.pdf
  • Districts are moving toward full implementation of Instructional Models
  • Next step for districts include
    • Full implementation of models in districts with support from ESUs
    • Sustainability of models
    • Feedback for growth
    • Update of evaluation tools
  • At May meeting have Donlynn share latest information with SDA members
  • Donlynn will share information with all schools at AQuESTT

MSP Grant Proposal-Dave https://www.education.ne.gov/msp/Index.html
  • Been requesting RFP. It came out a couple of weeks ago
  • Opened up to anybody being the fiscal agent.e.g. UNO, Doane, schools, ESUs
  • Application deadline is May 2nd
  • We can put together a Math and/or Science grant proposal
  • Do we have the capacity to do both Math and Science?
  • Deb Paulman may be interested in helping with science portion
  • Helen Banzhaf would help with math side of the grant
  • Significantly more requirements that need to be addressed in grant
  • UNK and UNO are working on a science grant proposal
  • Limited to schools who are identified as high need and meet qualifications
  • ESU roles (perhaps host and promote)
  • Math is a higher priority for districts across the state
  • Get help from ESU 10 & 16 reps
  • Requires partnerships as part of the grant

Teaching Learning through Technology
  • Kate and Denise are meeting with members next week to discuss structure

NDE Report-Freida
  • Will check on AQuESTT Dates for next year (April 2017)
  • Freida is lining up people for the May SDA meeting
  • If there is a person who shares information that is important for all affiliates, they will share at PDO. If not, they will share only at SDA meeting.
  • CIP Workshops - Added York and North Platte this year to spread out participants

2016-17 AQuESTT Dates
  • Conflicting with reserved April SDA training dates (April 10-11)
  • Share at May SDA meeting. Will hold April 12 as a possible training date
  • 2018 April 16 & 17
  • 2019 April 29 & 30

NWEA Update-Julie
  • Meetings scheduled for next year during Strategist meetings?
  • Contract has been approved by Dave
  • Partner meetings are occurring this week
  • At June meeting schedule time to meet with NWEA Reps (Jenna, Nancy, and Richard White)
  • Keep time around 20 - 30 minutes and have specific talking points
  • Connect with them in June, December, and March all day Strategists’ Meeting
  • Identify Marci as the contact for next year
  • New training begins in April (10 participants) MIllard added 2 people
  • NWEA Contract is approved in March at the ESUCC
  • Committee meeting with NWEA reps to consider using NWEA as our statewide assessment. Encouraging NWEA to put together an RFP. Six other states are using NWEA as their state assessment tool
  • 236 districts utilizing assessment and 44 private schools

Final Preparations for ToPs and Danielson Trainings?
  • Everything is in place for ToPs training tomorrow. Should break even. ($4000 plus food) Currently have 49 participants.
  • Danielson Training is up to 21 participants.
  • Janet will introduce participants

Discuss SDA May Meeting Agenda - 10:00
  • Welcome - Kate Match Songs with ESU
  • Strategists Report - Suzanne
  • Share Teacher/Principal Survey Results
  • Report from Dave
  • NDE Reports
  • Freida CIP Report
  • Get approval of Mission (Jeff and Rhonda share)
  • Jeff and Rhonda follow up MIssion/Vision Reflection Activity
    • Table Conversation First
    • Bucket Groups
  • Debriefing from April Trainings ToPs and Danielson - Janet
  • Future of April Trainings Conversation
  • Cadre Reports
  • RDA and ILCD - Suzanne will check with Ellen
  • Honor Barb

SDA Retirements
  • Barb F. (Presented by Amy Hill)
  • Leaving - Emily, Jill, Mickey, - Have them stand and be recognized
  • Future Retirements - Baskets for Cards instead of notebooks