Business Meeting Norms- Agreed upon by all members

1. Engage in open and honest dialogue
2. Honor ideas and practices
3. Share information, knowledge, and expertise
4. Exhibit professional behavior, such as limiting sidebar conversation and turning off electronic equipment that may cause interruptions

Strategist Meetings 2016-2017
  • June 10- 8:30-3:30 ESU 3
  • Sept. 14- 4:30-7:00 ESU3
  • Nov. 8- 4:30-7:00 ESU 3
  • Dec. 14- 9:00-1:00 ZOOM
  • Jan. 16- 4:30-7:00 ESU 10
  • Mar. 15- 9:00-1:00 ZOOM
  • April 10- TBD
  • May 1- 4:30-7:00 ESU10


Meeting: June 10, 2016: Educational Service Unit #3
Members present:

Review Norms for Strategist Meetings

Share New Format for SDA strategist and Member Collaboration: SDA Google Site

Review By Laws Article I

Review input from SDA Members how to keep the Mission and Vision Alive and Well/ Brainstorm

NWEA (with Jenna and Nancy 9:30 via Zoom)
  • Questions?
  • Strategist meetings- December, March

NDE Updates (Freida)

ESUCC Update (11:00 with Dave via Zoom)

Diane Stuehmer/ ESSA (Zoom 1:30)

Strategist Roles

Past Chair- Kate
Chair- Janet Run SDA strategist meetings and SDA Business Meetings, SDA Courtesy Fund
Recorder- Suzanne Take notes at SDA Business meetings
Reporter- Julie Take notes at SDA strategist meetings, Share report of Strategist work at SDA meeting, with Representative coordinate mentors, ESUPDO Planning committee
Representative- Marci SDA NWEA lead consultant, with Reporter coordinate mentors

Bucket Groups

Suzanne- Leadership
Julie- Assessment
Marci- Instruction
Kate- Curriculum

Meetings and events for 2016-2017

  • Do we create a one-pager for staff developers to be added to the Google Site?

New SDA Members

ESU 15 - Joel Bednar (Jeff M)
ESU 10 - Theresa Ritta-Olson (Will be Title III),
Crystal Hurt ,,
ESU 7- Brooke Kavan,
Laura Plas,
Brooke Koliha,
Mark Brady
ESU 3- Derek Gangwish,
Adam Larson
Megan Harding

ESU 2- Cecilia Niemann
ESU 6 - Megan Hammer

Deb we will need to order books
Can the mentor/mentee support materials be housed in the Google site?

Book Selection

Book List Options
Making Hope Happen

Why We do What We Do: Understanding Motivation

7000 Ways to Listen

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Shark and Goldfish

Main Idea Summaries: One per meeting (Per Julie)

Registration for Anita Archer

  • Do we host elementary/secondary or Narrative/Informational

Summer/Fall Training?

  • Support for implementing Instructional Models -- Toby and Julie/Kathy
    • July prior to NDE Administrator day evening session

April 2017 Training

September SDA Business Meeting Agenda

8:30- 2:30
  • Welcome new members
  • New google sites
  • Welcome Activity
  • Mission and Vision
    • one pager of suggestions
  • SDA membership- update
  • Rule about not sending out SD’ers contact information to organizations and vendors- essentially those doing cold calls or “cold” emails asking to forward information or wanting to advocate for certain things.
    • Don't Do- Can do card sort or activity
    • By law scavenger hunt
  • Strategist Report (Julie)
  • Dave- Update PDO structure
  • NDE update (Freida)
  • November Professional Learning with Anita Archer (Suzanne)
  • Marzano Academy (Suzanne)
  • NWEA updates (Marci)
  • Crisis Team (Janet)
  • Cadre report outs
  • Opportunity to share out your good works each meeting
  • Toby presentation of Evaluation Design of Teacher Effectiveness
  • Bucket Groups
    • April input what do you want
    • Discuss future training needs that directly support mission, vision, belief
    • Consider researching ideas