Prior to the Summer Planning Meeting, read each of the following articles and complete #1 below.
Use this Word Document to record your responses.
  1. Read the text. Copy and paste excerpts into the Word document to answer the following questions, in addition to your perspective.
    • What Assumptions does the author of the text hold?
    • What do you Agree with in the text?
    • What do you want to Argue with in the text?
    • What parts of the text do you want to Aspire to?

During the Summer Planning Meeting we will continue with the following:
  1. Small groups of 3-4 individuals
  2. In a round, have each person identify one assumption in the text, citing the text as evidence.
  3. Either continue in rounds or facilitate a conversation in which the group talks about the text in light of each of the remaining “A”s, taking them one at a time – what do people want to argue with, agree with, and aspire to in the text? Try to move seamlessly from one “A” to the next, giving each “A” enough time for full exploration.
  4. Change groups for each of the next two articles.

  5. Large Group Discussion
  6. What does this mean for our work as strategists?
  7. Debrief the text experience.

  1. Categorize the real work of SDA--what exactly do we do?
  2. What is your vision for what SDA could be doing in Nebraska?
  3. Identify the implications that the real work has in regard to determining the PD needs of our affiliate.
  4. How do SDA meetings meet the needs of SDA?
  5. Are SDA trainings on target for meeting the PD needs of SDA?
  6. Describe the relationship between SDA and NDE; between SDA and PDO.
  7. What does all of this mean for our work as strategists? (collectively, individually)