Q: What are your specific needs in regard to CURRICULUM: COMMON CORE STANDARDS?
  1. We need a process to help all of our members dig deeper into these standards (organization, content, etc.). We need to know how to introduce the common core standards to our schools and help them align the common core standards with the curriculum they currently have. We need to have more indepth information on the alignment of Nebraska's standards with the CC, as well as how to assist our schools with the implementation.
  2. We all need a working understanding of the common core standards
    We need to keep current on what is going on with the common core at state and national levels. as well national assessments.
  3. What are they? What is their structure? We need to become more familiar with what they are asking? Overview. Possibly bring in someone from out of state to share how they have used the Common Core in their state.
  4. We need an overview but it should not dominate our professional development focus.
  5. learn definitions of common core standards; need opportunity to do a group study/discussion in our subject specialty areas; align common core standards to 21st Century Skills; fact or fiction info related to the implications of adopting the common core standards
  6. We need:
    > time to study the standards and alignment to NE Standards
    > opportunities to hear from districts who have implemented common core initiatives (e.g., LPS, Lexington)
    > opportunities to learn from entities who have done significant work in preparation and implementation such as other states, Lead and Learn (Reeves), MRL, etc.
    Could we bring Lead and Learn (Digging Deeper..., Rigorous Curriculum...) or something similar to us?Ideally, we want to be proactive with this. When/if Nebraska must use the CCSS, we want to be able to say, "okay, we have a plan for this."
  7. What should we be doing with them, as we are not participating at this time?
    How do they compare to our present standards?
    Is there a good process to align our present standards with the Common Core?
    Awareness of what they are, what they say.
    What is the National Assessment going to look like?
    Rigor compared to ours?
    How do they affect curriculum purchases for our districts?
    How do we address areas where we do not match up well with the Common Core?
    Who did the original alignment study between our standards and the Common Core?
    What is the intent of the accompanying book lists with the Common Cor
  8. We need
    > Common method across the state to do this project.
    > Larry Ainsworth & Doug Reeves as possible presenters on future trainings or TOT. Session Titles offered from Leadership and Learning Center: Digging Deeper into the Common Core State Standards: Going Beyond Awareness to Implementation and a session called: From What to How: How Common Core State Standards Should Influence Teaching, Learning, and Leadership. Emily Jameson and Cindy Baum- ESU 10 will be a resource and have worked with The Leadership and Learning Center.
    >Starting this project sooner than later - high priority.

    Q: What are your specific needs in regard to INSTRUCTION: STUDENT MOTIVATION AND ENGAGEMENT?
  9. We need to continue to emphasize this. Kevin Feldman's work with ESU 10 has been very helpful, as well as the work of Marzano with ESU 6 and Anita Archer (several ESUs). We should continue to update and keep informed of this work.
  10. We need more training in Digital Engagement Tools.
    Need more collaboration between TAG and SDA.
    Need to be involved in all trainings that TAG is providing schools.
    Need time to practice the use of tools.
    More training on engaging students, ie. Anita Archer.
  11. We want to know how each teacher can make sincere and real connections with students so students feel that they are an important part of the learning process. Students are not being taught to but being engaged. Ownership in their own learning. Helpful to have a discussion about who is responsible for student engagement. We need to have strategies that we can share. Bucket list of student engagement strategies. Build our capacity for instruction. Coaching- we give teachers all this "stuff" but without observation and conversation strategies are not getting implemented.
  12. Engagement strategies need to emphasize the diversity in the classroom and some students who struggle may need more minutes of engagement than others. Teachers need to be better in engaging students together in rich discussions and sharing of ideas rather than teacher dominated management and discussion. The management needs to be seamless as students build meaning and understanding with the days learning and concepts.
    Our professional development should also include ways ESU staff can connect with ongoing implementation of our support in classrooms.
  13. relationship between quality instruction in relation to student motivation & engagement; what is the relationship & details of project based learning and student motivation & engagement; how we help teachers move from stand & deliver to quality engagement of students and differentiated instruction; how do you build teacher courage to step outside the box...how to give them coaching & support as well as develop better peer coaches; better training of principals to be instructional leaders; move schools to EFFECTIVE teacher & administrator instructional leadership
  14. We need to stay abreast of best practices for instruction and engagement.
    We need to continue to work on how to close the implementation gap, perhaps through follow-up strategies.
    We need ideas about how to collect data to measure implementation and the effects of it.
  15. Strategies geared to motivate the tough kids.
    How do we coach teachers and leaders to build a culture that builds practices that motivate students?
    Are there additional coaching methods out there that would benefit us? What are others doing in all areas?
    How do we reach the most difficult students?
    How do you create self-motivated/directed students?
    How do we change the function of an assessment driven classroom - higher level thinking, project based?
    Is there any aspect of common core that might be connected to increase student engagement and motivation?
    What are student engagement protocols that help them with critical/deeper thinking?
    How do we make tasks in school authentic for kids to increase motivation?
    How do we put kids in charge of their own learning - to make it meaningful for them?
  16. ESUs 8 &10 Continuing to bring Anita Archer to Nebraska. ESUs 10 and 3 continuing with Dr. Kevin Feldman, & more with motivation in a safe environment - ESU15

    Q: What instructional models do schools within your ESU utilize?
  17. Marzano
    Differentiated Instruction
    Teaching Schema for Mastery Learning
    Direct Instruction
    Schooling by Design
    Anita Archer Explicit Instruction
    locally developed

    Q: Additional thoughts?
  18. What happened in the other rooms this morning? Virtual Schools, NDE Data team? Math RtI?
  19. More training on using data. Need techniques/examples on how to give ideas to teachers for very instructional strategies. Develop resource package. More focus on instruction than in the past. Find what fits you in your content within some kind of framework.
  20. Teacher evaluation tied to testing- is this a future trend?
  21. Checking for understanding and formative assessment are under utilized in classrooms and we need to develop strategies for teachers to feel comfortable in embedding these into their daily facilitation of learning.
  22. We need to address Common Core ASAP;
  23. - Common formative assessment and use of data is still a need.
  24. More regionalization systems that can allow us to become specialists.